5 April 2016

Advantages of Building Queenslander Homes

Being a distinctively Australian type of home, the Queenslander home is an excellent example of a classic Australian home. But it is an effective home design even outside of Queensland and beyond Australia’s borders.
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Being a distinctively Australian type of home, the Queenslander home is an excellent example of classic home design. But it is an effective type of home even outside of Queensland and beyond Australia’s borders.

The advantages of building a Queenslander home lie in the basic elements found in most Queenslander houses, which include:

  • Verandas
  • Stump foundations
  • Timber construction
  • Corrugated iron roof
  • Different decorative features

Here are the different ways this uniquely Australian home can benefit its homeowners.

Great Ventilation

The natural ventilation features of classic Queenslander homes are useful in warm and humid climates.

A Veranda is one of the most common elements found in Queenslander homes. This is a multi-purpose space that is often an extension of the home’s indoor living space. As both an outdoor and an indoor area of the house, a veranda can provide protection from extreme heat and rain while attracting wind in order to provide the house natural ventilation. Cool breezes enter the house through open double hung doors, pushing out hot humid air. This gives both cooling relief to the home’s occupants and protection from mould growth on the home’s interiors.

Not all Queenslander homes have verandas. For natural ventilation, such homes instead have decorative side fins and timber and sheet metal window hoods on the house’s façade. The window hoods and side fins provide shade and catch rain, and at the same time, they release trapped hot air from inside the house. The elevation from the ground also adds to the house’s natural ventilation, as cold air can collect beneath the floor and help cool the house from below.

Functional Decorative Features

Balustrades made of cast iron or timber, battens, wooden screens and gables are just among the many details that give the typical Queenslander home its unique charm. Many decorative features on Queenslander homes are both visually appealing and functional.

Side fins on the façade give protection from harsh sunlight and rain and divert breeze. Battened screening and coloured glass add privacy to the home while providing additional shade.


Queenslander homes can be built on a variety of terrain and designed to fit almost any lifestyle.

A Queenslander home is elevated above the ground on stumps, which allows it to be built onto various locations, including sloped sites and wet tropical ground. Being built of lightweight materials such as timber and corrugated iron, Queenslanders are easy to modify according to the changing needs of its homeowners. Additionally, due to being lightweight and built on stumps, it is relatively easy to transport Queenslander homes to another site.

With the population growing increasingly aware of the importance of energy-efficient and sustainable design, recent years have seen modern reinterpretations of classic Queensland houses. Building designers now take into account a Queenslander home’s embodied energy and long-term costs. With the application of modern materials and methods, maintaining a contemporary Queenslander is easier and more cost-effective.

Get in touch with our building designers to find out more about Queenslanders and other types of homes. Find a Queensland designer in the Gold Coast.

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