All you need to know about project coordination, explained

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Renovating a home can be a tedious and time-consuming project because it involves many steps that a homeowner should handle. Some tasks are menial, like choosing lighting fixtures, paint colour, or renting equipment like concrete mixers, while others are complicated, like securing building permits. If you have a project consultant, you have someone who will take care of your home renovation needs so you can concentrate on other critical tasks like managing your business or attending to your family. An expert in project coordination, such as a project consultant, can ensure that you have the right people working on your renovation project. A project consultant will also map out the entire renovation project and ensure that each step gets faithfully executed to perfection. With the help of a project consultant, your home renovation project can proceed smoothly, on time, and within budget.  

In this article, we’ll check the different areas of project coordination or consultation, and how you can use each service or feature to your advantage. We’ll also discuss how Superdraft can help you better manage your renovation project by using our end-to-end project coordination platform.

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Importance of project coordination

Renovating a building is a huge undertaking. It costs a lot of money and requires time, which is why trying to oversee it without proper building experience personally may be biting off more than one can chew. Hiring a building renovation project consultant is an excellent decision to ensure that a building renovation project will go as planned and with minimal hiccups. Here are some excellent reasons why you should consider hiring a project consultant:

You can save time

Overseeing a building renovation requires your utmost attention, and it can be a rewarding and educational project if you can devote your full attention to it. However, most homeowners have other critical matters to attend to, like running a business, going to work, or tending to their family. 

A project consultant’s main responsibility is to oversee your renovation project and keep a watchful eye on every project step. The project consultant acts as your alter ego who watches over the project on your behalf. What’s great about having a project consultant is you have an expert who knows what to look for during renovations and can spot issues you might not notice because you are not an expert in renovation projects. You can ask for daily or weekly updates so you can keep up with the progress of your project even if you’re not physically present at the site all the time. 

Use Superdraft’s project coordination app to plan, design, and build your project in one place to save valuable time by signing up here.

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Keeps your project within budget

Whenever homeowners start a renovation project, they often set aside a budget for contractors to use, but still, a renovation project can go over budget easily without proper guidance. A project consultant can help keep your renovation project on track and within budget using professional experience. 

For one, a project consultant knows where to source materials of excellent quality at affordable prices. This can help ensure that you will get amazing results without dipping into funds allotted for other needs. Sourcing the right materials can also help ensure that your building will last longer because it uses high-quality materials. 

To boot, a project consultant will guide you to get the necessary permits for your project. The absence of these permits can result in penalties. The lack of permits can also result in delays in the project, resulting in additional costs. 

Ready to start your project? Superdraft’s project consultants are waiting to discuss your project and provide free quotes.

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Mitigate problems

Unforeseen issues crop up on renovation projects all the time, and they can be challenging to solve for someone for homeowners. Homeowners will likely have to consult a building professional on what to do, leading to delays. 

With a project consultant supervising renovations, coming up with decisions on solving problems will be easier. It is more likely that a project consultant has encountered an issue before and already knows what to do, so delays can be avoided or be minimal. 

Hire the right professionals

A critical part of project coordination is hiring the right professionals for a project to finish on time and on budget. Although there are simple guidelines homeowners can follow to ensure that they hire the right designer, draftsman, architect or plumbing expert, a project supervisor or project consultant knows what to look for in these experts by heart. They know the qualities they need to look for to successfully complete a project without consulting a guide. 

A building renovation project consultant has also worked on many renovation projects before and most likely has a network of renovation experts to call on for projects which can help shorten the hiring process and get renovations underway. 

Talk to one of Superdraft’s project consultants so we can match you with the right professionals for your project. Superdraft can connect you with home builders, designers, and other experts across all of Australia’s major cities and other surrounding areas, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra, and more. Hundreds of the country’s most talented building professionals are ready to help create your dream space. Build your team using the Superdraft dashboard!

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Areas of project coordination

A renovation project has different stages, and a project coordinator can help ensure the successful completion of each step so the next stage can start smoothly. Although a project coordinator oversees the renovation project, project coordination often involves a team of experts that work on each stage, with the coordinator acting as the point person.

Planning and development

Just like construction projects, renovations start with a plan. A homeowner who wants to renovate a house consults a project coordinator to check if the planned renovation is feasible. You don’t have to stress about the technicalities because Superdraft’s project consultant will help you establish what you need.

This is also the stage where our consultants will come up with the estimated cost of the project. If the project’s cost is more than what the homeowner can afford, then the project consultant can suggest alternatives that will deliver the same results but won’t cost as much. Superdraft’s consultants will offer a package that suits your budget and will maximise the project’s affordability.

If you’re renovating a building for-profit, like turning it into office spaces for rent, this stage involves working with data analysts to determine if the project will result in a positive Return of Investment or ROI.


This stage involves developing the concept for a renovation project and drawing up detailed blueprints of the final design. At this stage, architects and draftsmen are the main focal persons of the renovation team because they are responsible for coming up with the construction layouts and blueprints that the construction team will follow.

Superdraft can connect you with draftsmen, building designers, architects, and interior designers for your project through a “designer match” technology.” The project brief you uploaded on your account will be matched against our design partners with expertise and experience that will suit to your project.

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The pre-construction stage involves laying out a roadmap that the construction team will follow throughout the project. This roadmap will show each member of the renovation team what to do, how they should do it, and the budget allocated for that task. A roadmap is critical because it can help ensure that the project won’t go over budget and that the project will get completed within the deadline. 

This is also when your team needs to secure the permits and local council approvals for your renovation project. 

council approval before renovation


This stage of the renovations involve sourcing, purchasing, and transporting materials from suppliers to the construction site and is typically overseen by a procurement and supply chain manager. The procurement and supply chain manager also decides whether to purchase supplies locally or from afar, depending on the prevailing prices of materials. 


This is the main stage of the renovation project and where all the planning and preparations during the previous stages will culminate. The project consultant will oversee the construction and ensure that the team follows the roadmap. Your project consultant will also be present to resolve issues during the construction and make decisions on the spot to prevent delays. 

Cost of hiring a renovation project coordinator or consultant

The cost of hiring a renovation project coordinator depends on the complexity of the project involved and is typically around 3 to 5% of the project's total cost. If the renovation project coordinator is only responsible for certain project stages, they typically charge between $40 to $70 depending on their seniority and experience.  

By using the Superdraft project coordination platform, you don’t have to worry about these costs because we have project consultants who can help you get started with your project.

Is using a project coordination platform helpful?

Yes! Using a project coordination platform like Superdraft is one of the best ways to handle a renovation project. The project consultants at Superdraft will guide you and see the project through to successful completion.

tools you can use at superdraft

Project coordination tools you can use at Superdraft

Each year, Superdraft coordinates thousands of design and building projects across Australia. These include renovations, new home constructions, house extensions, and even commercial developments. 

Superdraft features more than 10 tools to help you with your project, these include:

Check out all these features by creating a Superdraft account for free. Sign up here.

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