Should you hire an architect, building designer, or builder for a custom home design?

Find out if you should hire an architect, building designer or a builder for your new home or renovation project.
Should You Hire an Architect or Builder for a Custom Home Design or Renovation?

Many first-time homeowners struggle in the process of building a new home. Most of them don’t know who to call first. Should it be an architect, building designer, or a builder? Who can provide a custom home design? Here, we will not only answer that question. We will also reveal what it takes to get a custom home design and build it seamlessly from the ground up.

Follow the building process

The building process for custom home designs goes like this:

Step 1: Creating a design brief

Step 2: Getting multiple quotes from designers

Step 3: Engaging a structural engineer

Step 4: Organising a land survey

Step 5: Producing planning documents / architectural drawings and immersive virtual home walkthroughs

Step 6: Getting local council approval

Step 7: Getting building approval

Step 8: Tendering or getting builder quotes

Step 9: Construction

Step 10: Interior decorating and turnover

Like any process, the first two steps are crucial. Here, the early stages require the help of a designer. 

Designers will work closely with you to create a custom home design that suits your taste, lifestyle, needs, location, and budget. Their job here is to understand your vision, and turn the things that you want into a set of working drawings that the builders will use to build your dream home. 

And by knowing the process, you will know who to call first. 

Aim for a better design-build experience

Superdraft can help you get a better design-build experience through our established building process. 

We start with a design consultation where one of our project consultants will send a designer to meet with you in person (or virtually). We conduct design consultations to:

  • get to know you and to get a grasp of your style
  • listen to your concern
  • help you express your personality in the design
  • produce a creative and practical design, not just copy the design from images you like
  • review your ideas and provide you with professional design advice
  • make sure that the plans adhere to the local building codes and council regulations

Design consultation and meetings like this help clear the vision you have for your project. It would be nice to know what you can do and can’t do on your property.

Superdraft is also about project management, so we coordinate all the consultants you need in your project starting from:

  • Land surveyor to make precise site measurements, determine the property’s boundaries, and to provide data about the shape and contour of the soil. 
  • Structural engineer to ensure the building’s strength, stability, and safety. They create the foundation and the framing package. They guarantee the structure meets all appropriate building codes. 
  • Thermal Performance Assessor to conduct residential building thermal performance assessments.

and many more!

Following our innovative building process, we are able to deliver high-quality work and service to our customers. 

With us, you already have a pathway towards building your dream home. We make collaboration between design and construction professionals easier for you, so you don’t feel pressured and overwhelmed in the process. 

That being said, consider calling us today and we’ll help you plan your dream home.

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