13 Architecture Apps for the Busy Architect on a Construction Site

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Smartphones, the modern man’s best friend, enabled creative professionals like architects to leverage in their craft. The number of easily downloadable architecture apps increases, giving our industry a lot of options on tools that we can use in the studio and in the construction site. Work in the field is different than what you do in the office.

Here are 13 mobile applications, available on Android and iOS, which help you develop and manage construction projects. From measuring things to building instant reports, we hope you can find a construction-related app that will be useful to you:

1. Morpholio Trace

This app makes designing anywhere effortless, fast and cool. — Architect in New York City via iTunes

This app is one of the most useful apps for construction professionals. With Trace, you can sketch, draw, annotate, and design anytime, anywhere. You’re going to admire its user-friendly interface and the intelligence and accuracy of CAD. Morpholio Trace and other apps from the same developer is available on iOS.

2. ArchiReport 5

Save up to 30 to 45 minutes of doing site reports with ArchiReport, a complete software for tracking work and automatically generates detailed reports with photos, designs, drawings and annotations. ArchiReport 5 is available for iOS

3. PlanGrid

Super easy to train our users in the field — Seanfo77 via iTunes

The PlanGrid app lets you share plans, annotations, photos and reports instantly with everyone on your team. You can follow-up the revisions, examine document progress, manage on-site problems while you’re away. PlanGrid is available for iOSAndroid, and Windows.

4. Site Audit Pro

Site Audit Pro is designed to make inspections, audits, or reports easier and manageable from anywhere. You can capture photos, upload existing images, add annotations or comments, and share reports via email, Dropbox or Google Drive. Download Site Audit Pro is for iOS and Android devices

5. iHandy Level 


A word of caution just from personal experience. For its intended use, you may subject your phone to risky positions on top of things like the picture frame I was levelling. — carminator, iTunes

This is a pocket leveller which allows you to check the level of surfaces using your cellphone. It has a traditional bubble level interface and a digital display of the current angle, measured in degrees from the horizontal. Best of all? It’s free and available for both iOS and Android users!

6. Fast Concrete Pad Calculator

This application calculates the required amount of concrete and rebar needed for a project. It figures the cost, including the possible amount of wasted material. The data generated by the app can be shared with the team members or the customers via email. This digital tool is now available for iOS devices.

7. My Measures

No more trying to draw things and dimension them and hoping I can tell what I drew later on. I simply take a picture and add dimension and notes. – Gregory Whirtle

This application helps you share space or an object’s dimension easily understandable. Just snap a photo of the object or room, then label the dimensions using arrows and angles. You can also mark your comments on the items in the photograph. Trust us, this app is client-friendly. My Measure is a free application for iOS and Android users.

8. BIMx Architecture App

BIMx has a Hyper-model BIMx, a unique technology used for navigating blueprints and 3D construction models. You can use it to share your design with clients and contractors. Since this is a viewing app only, you can’t modify a design using this application. BIMx is available for both iOS and Android phones

If there was an in-app purchase for a builder/ modifier then this app would be perfect. — Alllen70

BONUS Information:

If you're looking for an all-in-one, better than 3D, virtual reality experience for your clients, check out VIZ360.

Read and know more about this virtual reality tool.

9. Construction Manager

Works good, a handy format for sending photo reports to the office. Simple estimates can be completed and signed by all parties, directly from the phone. — Shane David

This app is designed to manage, edit, and share a regular and accurate flow of information from maintenance records, daily reports, project estimates and timesheets. You’re cutting hassle paperwork, hence following important processes during construction is easier. Construction Manager is available for iOS and Android.

10. Autodesk BIM 360 Docs

Another great product from Autodesk — Ronny Remesnik

This is a free cloud-based application for building management which allows you to publish, manage and review all documents, plans and project models. Autodesk BIM 360 Docs is available in iOS and Android

11. Angle Meter PRO

Angle Meter PRO eliminates an entire belt of physical tools you use in information surveys. This digital tool can measure the angles or slopes on the construction site with a high degree of precision. It is available for both Android and iOS.

12. Project Planning Pro

It helps you manage on-site projects and collaborate with your team members. This creates project plans and schedules for you—just enter the series of task, duration, and start dates. You can also import and edit Microsoft Project files. Project Planning Pro is available for iOSMacAndroid, and Windows.

13. Builder's Helper – Advanced Construction Calculator


This is my go to calculator. Quick jobs is great for quick calculations in the field. — HomeBuilder CO, iTunes

This is a digital calculator that can do normal and unit calculations for your construction project—staircases, columns, drywall, paint, decking, floors, and roofing systems. It also tracks important project information, store project documents, and images. Builder’s helper is available on iOS.

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