1 August 2019

Do You Fancy Asian-Inspired Homes?

We have encountered clients who like the east-meets-west designs and helped them build Asian-inspired homes.
Asian-inspired homes

Collectively, the Superdraft team has produced thousands of projects across Australia. Some of them are Asian-inspired homes. We have encountered clients who like the east-meets-west designs, and we’re expecting more homeowners to express interest in it.The Australian population grows and becomes more multicultural. Homeowners come from different cultural backgrounds. As architects and building designers, we face a challenge of giving Australian homes with a touch of Asian architecture. We have to ensure that these homes are beautiful and can cater to a broader market base in the future.A few things we do include:
1. Following the guidelines of Feng Shui to give your home an auspicious and harmonious environment.
2. Designing homes for multi-generational living with flexible interior design.
3. Creating bespoke houses with rooms that takes them back home (e.g. wet kitchens, prayer rooms, bathrooms with soaking tubs)A part of our end-to-end design service is landscape design. Asian-inspired homes look best when surrounded by gardens that look like sanctuaries. We borrow traditional Japanese and Chinese concepts that make backyards more delightful.Clients who have approached us before regarding east-meets-west design want their homes to have lovely indoor-outdoor spaces, indoor courtyards, vertical gardens, and trickling water features.

To get every project right, we make time to get to know our clients. We make the most out of the first design consultation — we want to understand your needs, style, tastes, and backgrounds. It’s one huge factor that sets us apart.Let’s create homes and workplaces with striking interiors. Contact us today and tell us about your project. We’d love to help you out! Follow Superdraft on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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