6 features to love in an Australian country-style house

An Australian Ranch-Style house captures the classic features of the true country homestead –- long and horizontal homes with open spaces, large rooms, high ceilings, and traditional verandahs.
ranch-style home

The country-style house became popular in the nineties in Australia. You don’t need to live in a secluded property to own and live in one. You can build yours in the suburbs. In fact, it is one of the most popular housing styles in suburban Adelaide, Melbourne, and in the regional and coastal suburbs of New South Wales. Take a look at these beautiful examples:

Yes, this is one of the residential architecture styles we adapted from the USA. The inspiration came from the 19th century ranches of west and south west America. But, our Aussie version of a ranch-style house features the following: 

  1. A low-slung, ground-hugging, single-storey profile
  2. Massive glass doors and windows
  3. Open-plan interiors
  4. Seamless indoor and outdoor spaces
  5. Opens up to the yard while the rear faces the street
  6. Mid-century modern or chic farmhouse interiors

The Australian country-style house is perfect for homeowners who love a simple and casual living style.

Country-style houses are perfect for seniors and for aging in place

Country-style houses are often single-storey homes with low-slung, long and a horizontal footprint and elevation. These homes don’t have staircases, which help you to age in place with minimal need for mobility assistance. 

Expert Tip: When renovating country-style homes, plan the flow of the interior rooms well. Make sure the design provides you with great mobility.

Country-style homes offer more livable spaces

Since there are no staircases eating away at valuable square footage in your home, you’ll end up with more spacious interiors. 

Also, country-style houses generally open up to the backyard. These open-air rooms offer the best of indoor–outdoor living.

Expert Tip: L- and U-shaped ranch houses enable you to create indoor-outdoor rooms which open onto a relaxing outdoor space and garden. Connect your favourite room of the house to the outdoor spaces. It can be the living room, kitchen, the master bedroom, dining area or even the bathroom. Explore your options and think about what rooms you use most. Enhance the space with large and expansive glass doors (sliding or stacking).

Country-style houses are perfect for open-plan homes

The long and horizontal footprint of country-style houses are perfect for open-plan layouts. Open-plan homes are free-flowing and multi-functional. Minimise divisions between rooms for entertaining to maximise the amount of living per square foot.

Expert tip: Make open-plan interiors more casual when you follow the mid-century modern or chic farmhouse style.

Do you want to build or renovate a ranch-style house?

As Baby Boomers approach their retirement age, the demand for ranch-style homes are expected to rise as about 75% of Boomers want to buy a single-story home.

Planning to build or renovate a country-style house? Contact us and tell us more about the home design you’re looking for.

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