4 July 2018

Why autumn & winter are the best time to plan and build inground pool

If you have been dreaming of a custom pool, these seasons are perfect to get the job done.
Why Autumn & Winter is the Best Time to Plan and Build Inground Pool

Autumn and winter may not be known as the prime swimming seasons, but these are the best time to plan and build inground pools.

If you have been dreaming of a custom pool, these seasons are perfect to get the job done.

Why? Because there are few perks that you can take advantage of when you choose to build during the colder months.

You don’t have to wait until next spring or summer to start this project. We’re counting all the reasons why you should plan and build your inground pool from June to August…

There’s no need to rush the design and construction

Your next outdoor party is still a few months away. You have more than enough time to plan your pool and make sure that it suits your tastes and needs.

The design stage generally lasts from four to six weeks, depending on how complicated the design and if you need to acquire a planning permit. Then, it will take you approximately three to four weeks to build. Overall, you can own a pool in as fast as ten weeks.

This is for a basic swimming pool. The turnaround time varies depending on the size of the project, scope of works, and the arrival of building materials. Additional pool features like waterfalls, tanning ledges, diving boards are immediately available from the suppliers during the cold months. There are low chances of delay, which leads to a shorter building process.

This pool was designed by one of our NSW-based designersContact a Superdraft Designer for a FREE Quote.

Builders offer great discounts on their services

The cold season is a plodding season for most pool builders. Ever heard of a ‘winter sale’? Yep, builders offer that too! When you’re lucky, you can grab their exclusive offers. Take advantage of these promotions. It will save you money which you can realign to other things.

It’s easier to work outside because of the cooler weather

The scorching summer sun often slows the builders you hired for the job. And, the heat might make you uncomfortable as you monitor their work.

Choosing to build in the cold months will make the process more bearable for everyone. You also keep everyone safe from dehydration and heat stroke.

No kids and fewer visitors to interrupt the work

During cooler weather, people prefer to stay indoors, in the safety and warmth of the house. This allows the builders to work without interruption. When there are fewer people (especially kids) barging in, the faster they’ll finish the project.

You have more time for landscaping and hardscaping

When you finish building your pool in the winter, you have the entire spring to enhance the space around it. You have time to grow herbs, fruit trees, and blooming bushes. This season is the best time to lay hardscape material around your pool. (e.g. timber decks, concrete pavers, rough travertine tiles etc.). You can finish these tasks before summer.

You get the pool treatment right

Don’t just dump chlorine on the pool. When you finish the project early, you have time to research about pool treatment options. This way, you arrive with an effective and eco-friendly solution that’s safe for your family.

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It’s ready when the summer hits!

We encourage you to build in advance because we want you to enjoy the pool immediately. It’s something to look forward to. Most homeowners who build pools in the middle of summer become frustrated because they can’t use the pool until next year unless it’s heated.

Hire a Superdraft building designer today.

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