Homeowners suffer from these 5 crazy renovation issues (and how to avoid it)

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Living through a major building project can drive a person ‘slightly' mad. Apart from stress, there are other renovation issues that make the process hard. Let’s discuss some of the problems that happen as you pull through a home improvement project. We’re doing this so you know how to overcome it when it looks like it’s happening to you.

Here are the common side-effects of a renovation:
Renovation issues homeowners experience
Sometimes, the kitchen is inaccessible or paralysed because of the building works. You can’t cook a decent, healthy meal so you’re stuck with fast food, fatty snacks, and greasy takeouts. Whether you’re committed to eating a balanced diet or not, this habit that forms during a major building project is bad for you.

What you can do: Consider setting up a temporary kitchen if your kitchen becomes dysfunctional. A single benchtop stove beside a nonpermanent sink will do. Include your microwave, rice cooker, electric grill, or whatever heaven sent gadget you have in your setup. Station it outside the house or in a spot far from the dirty work.

Renovation issues homeowners experience

Let’s say you hired a good team of designers, builders, and tradies. At first, all you wanted is to remodel a certain space at home. You saw how well they work so you asked them to work in the next room. The renovated area highlighted the other things that you want to fix. You extended your vision and the service of the pros you hired.

When you extend your vision, you're also lengthening the service of the pros you hired. Giving them extra work prolongs the duration of the project. You ruin the schedule. Ultimately, this requires you to shell more money.

How to avoid this situation: Stick to the plan. When you’re tempted to extend the service of your design+build team, refer to your construction budget. If you can’t afford it, don’t do it. Accept that you can’t update all your interior rooms at the same time. You can always start a new project with them next time. Alternatively, you can look for ways to achieve your vision without blowing your budget. Perhaps you can DIY some projects or hire somebody who can do multiple jobs in one contract.
Renovation issues homeowners experienceIt’s normal to admire other people’s homes but don’t obsess about it too much. You don’t need to get the same architect and builder that a certain person hired to build his/her mansion. You don’t need to purchase materials from the same supplier unless they’re the only one who sells it. It’s alright if your home is not an identical twin of the one you saw in a magazine or TV show. Trust me, you can build a gorgeous home without stressing yourself.

How to avoid this situation: Put together a digital album of all the designs you like. Use those photos as inspiration and not as a guide. By carefully examining your choices, you’ll understand your taste in design. Share this information with your architect and interior designer so they can help you channel your personal style to your space.

Renovation issues homeowners experienceIt’s crazy when a person changes his/her mind over something after finalising everything. We’ve worked with a lot of homeowners in the past and we’ve encountered this situation a couple of times before. There’s one who refused to continue installing the floorboards they’ve bought. Or the one who wants to buy a different set of tiles because they don’t feel like installing the first batch that they ordered. Or the person who wants to change the kitchen layout right after the carpenter finished the cabinetry. There are more horror stories we can share, but we’d rather discuss a solution.

How to avoid this scenario:

Being carried away with your feelings is okay if you’re blessed with an unlimited source of funds. Otherwise, a change of heart can ruin the things you’ve previously planned. Every project begins with the planning stage. Use that time to research on different building materials, including the available colours, finishes, sizes, dimensions, and suppliers. You can visit showrooms, ask for samples, read online reviews, and call people who can give you honest opinions about your design choices. Ask questions before you purchase a product. More importantly, don’t buy something that you’re half-hearted about. Once your order arrived at your house, double-check the package to see if the suppliers delivered the correct material. You also need to brief your contractors clearly and carefully. Ensure that they’ll do everything as planned.
Renovation issues homeowners experienceA major building project is chaotic and challenging. It’s noisy, dirty, dusty and somehow paralyzes rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, etc. Also, you don’t have enough privacy because there are strangers in your house (builders, carpenters, electricians, and other tradies you hired). If only you can move out and leave them to do their jobs, right? No. Stay at home for this too shall pass. Besides, the people you hired will exert more effort at work when they can see you.

What you can do: Coordinate with your building team. Ask them if they can do most of the dusty and nasty smelling tasks when you and your family are not around. Request protective plastic curtains to keep the dust from circling with the air inside the house. If it helps, we want you to imagine the completed project. Picture yourself enjoying your new home. Based on our experience, doing this decreases your stress.

We hope that our professional and friendly advice helped you live through a renovation project with your sanity, families, and finances intact.

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