16 awesome porch design ideas we found on Instagram

If you live in a California Bungalow, you're gonna like these ways of dressing your porch.

The typical alfresco before are spaces with cheap, aluminium folding chairs and a barbeque. It was plain and simple. As time pass, more homeowners invest synthetic wicker furniture, all-season fabrics, outdoor lighting, and high-quality carpets. They use these furnishings to create an outdoor living that is as comfortable as their indoor spaces. In this blog, we’ll show you a list of porch design ideas which you can use to elevate your own entrance. If you live in a California Bungalow, you will definitely find these ideas useful:

Celebrate a bold colour

A feature or furniture with bright and bold colours never fail to hook your attention. The indoor-outdoor rug with white and navy blue zigzag design featured in this porch design stands out from the clean furniture and lush green garden. 

Apply the zoning technique

One of the best ways to maximise small spaces is through zoning. Proper zoning happens when you use two distinctive furniture pieces in one space. As you can see, the homeowner used the corner of the L-shaped porch for outdoor dining. The shorter side of the patio served as a morning nook with a swinging bench.

Turn the cover into a trellis or pergola

Normally, an architect or designer will show you the look of the pergola without the vines that cling to them. We chose this photo to show you how pretty a pergola or trellis with plants on them. Besides, it is the plants that block the intense Aussie sun. The structure only offers support.

Get your hands dirty with DIY decor

The internet is filled with fun, DIY ideas which you can do during your free time. Who knows, the piece you are eyeing on might bring a lot of flair and function to your current space.

Prioritise comfort at all times

Not all good looking chairs are ergonomic. Make your outdoor furniture more comfortable with the help of extra fluffy throw pillows and cushions. Install task lights so you can stay on the porch until it gets dark. What you see is a hanging, wicker egg chair with soft pillows, seat, and blanket. There is a stool chair that functions as a footrest and a side table.

Choose your light or ceiling fan wisely

Porches, especially the covered ones have ceiling fans that

Lights and ceiling fans do double duty on a porch: They add much-needed function by moving air and improving illumination into dusk and nighttime hours, and both can serve as focal points for overhead spaces. Use a sculptural version to boost visual interest even more.

Play small and large outdoor rugs 

Use a large rug (refer to the first photo) if you want to delineate a comfy outdoor living space. On the contrary, use a small rug if you want to create intimate zones on your porch. Feel free to alternate several rugs in your space. Rotating the rug's duty will extend the material's life.

High-quality indoor and outdoor rugs in the country costs below $200. It is best to shop for rugs when it is on sale.

Push the amenities to the max

If you can fit a decent set of dining table and chairs, do it. It will be a space that can hold small meals and tea parties. In the space below, the homeowner created an outdoor living because the porch can accommodate a large wicker sofa, chair, and a coffee table. The key is to maximise the space. Put amenities that make better use of the porch.

Repurpose old furniture using paint

Give a new life to your old iron chair through spray painting it. Do not limit yourself with glossy white, metallic grey, or matte black. Explore rich colours like this moss green.

In addition, use a paint that is commonly used for home exteriors. These have the capacity to protect the furniture from the weather and the sun's UV rays.

Grow flowers

Plants and flowers help transition your landscape and your home. Grow them nicely on the plant boxes and pots or hang them from the ceiling like the one below. The flowers here in this barbershop screams 'welcome' every time you see them. Make sure the bloom complements the exterior of the structure and balances your exteriors.

Accentuate the structure's architecture

Porches look better when it is in tune with your home's architecture. Adapt the furniture, flooring choices, light fixtures, and other decors with the exterior of the house.

You can also take the design of the outdoor from the interior spaces. Integrating their looks can be challenging but it will be perfectly seamless if done properly.

Drizzle with your own style

Feel free to express your individuality in designing your porch. You do you—accentuate the space using colours and furniture such as these bamboo outdoor furniture set that you love.

Use patterns on fabrics, not on walls

Dress all your outdoor throw pillows in bold and patterned slipcovers. Swap the covers fortnightly and wash the dirty ones before storing it. Whether indoors or outdoors, interchanging trendy fabrics is an easy way to update your decor.

Hang curtains

The use of window treatments, such as sheer curtains and drapes are not limited to your indoor spaces. As you can see here, the homeowner hung long sheers to block the sun when it gets intense. It is also a good way to get some privacy on the porch. If you are planning to copy this design, be sure to use a fabric that is washable but doesn't fade easily.

Create a seamless path

The uninterrupted verandah is a good canvass to any outdoor living or dining space you might want to build in the future. You can always leave it like this for a cleaner, more modern look. 

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