Backyard decking and some useful tips for your outdoor renovation

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backyard decking with outdoor nook

Who wouldn’t love the day outdoors, being one with nature, drowning in the sound of chirping birds, while sitting on your new backyard deck? Aside from wanting to be soaked with high levels of Vitamin D, you’ll undoubtedly love a backyard decking which is a perfect addition to your existing home!

If you’re looking at this and might still not be convinced about having your long-awaited outdoor renovation, this article is for you. Continue reading and find out how to start your own backyard decking, its costs, and other techniques to kickstart your dream renovation project.

Let’s get started!

Are patios and decks the same?

Both decks and patios are open-air spaces built for accommodation or activity. It can either be an outdoor kitchen, a dining area, or a living room around a pool or spa. While they both have the same characteristics, there are notable differences.

backyard decking cozy chairs

Decks can be attached or freestanding. Originated in America, they serve as an extension of the range of the house and are built to better maximise the use of the property. It can be a balcony or a raised platform. Some prefer them in higher levels which would require the use of railings.

backyard patio with cushions

Meanwhile, patios are widespread in Australia, but they originated in Spain. They have a particularly hot climate that’s why this is their architecture’s regular feature to aid them from the scorching heat. Unlike decks which are raised platforms, patios are usually positioned on the ground and can be attached or detached from the main house.

Purposes of backyard decking

backyard decking overlooking the lake

Backyard decking is used to maximise the space of your home. How you want to extend it depends on your lifestyle, personal activities, and how many people actually live inside it. More than what’s mentioned above, decks are built to take advantage of a view, whether it’s overlooking a mountain or a beautiful garden.

Backyard decking as a living space

backyard decking as living room

Yes, you read it right — accommodating guests can be done outdoors!

You might want to extend the fun to your backyard deck especially if you have friends that will come over. Of course, beautiful landscaping to get your visitors hooked is definitely a plus! They can enjoy the view of the backyard with the plants or ornaments that you decorate your space with. 

You can place comfortable chairs around and a table in the middle. You can even install a fire pit that you can light up if it gets dark; you can do some s'moreing even. 

Backyard decking as your outdoor kitchen

bbq with family in backyard decking outdoor kitchen

Being outdoors is a way of life in Australia. The country’s climate is naturally pleasant and mild, that’s why you can never go wrong going for additional outdoor space. 

Everyone loves food, especially when prepared with your family and friends in a seemingly spacious and conveniently designed kitchen. If you consider making one on your backyard deck, the fresh outside air can keep you relaxed while cooking and ultimately, dining with your guests.

Just make sure you consider a drafting service for setting up additional components in your kitchen such as benchtop, gas lines, plumbing, etc.

Backyard decking as dining area

breakfast in an outdoor dining backyard decking

Since a backyard deck is a versatile space, you can make it your dining area. The scent of morning coffee, the beautifully cooked farm fresh eggs, with bacon, sausages, and grilled tomato on the side, while immersed in the warm morning sun! This is divine.

You can attach your kitchen too, as it’s a convenient place to do so. During the night, it’s best you consider installing decorative lighting. In some cases, candles will do.

Backyard decking as reading nook

backyard decking as private reading area

Aside from being a bonding place and activity with your family, you can make backyard decking your private space, too. You can study, read books, and meditate outdoors. To make it more secured and private, you might want to install artificial hedges, bamboo grass fences, or add more plants on your railings.

Types of deck

wraparound backyard decking with chairs

Wraparound Deck

A wraparound deck is a type of deck that surrounds your home, providing a full view of your whole property.

multi tier backyard decking

Multi-tier Deck

By the term itself, this type of deck is usually a two-story deck or a deck with multiple tiers. This gives an elevation to the whole deck.

attached backyard decking

Attached Deck

This is the most common type of deck. An attached deck needs a solid bracing or else it will sway. 

detached backyard decking

Detached Deck

This is not attached to the house but is usually placed at a specific feature of your backyard. For example, a fountain or a garden.

How to start backyard decking

renovating backyard decking with builder
  1. Get on with the details. Choose a style, design, and layout of your background deck. Consider the size and height. Filling out these details requires you to declare your target budget and timeline. You’ll realize that you would need this information to get council approval.
  2. Seek a professional. For best results, you may opt for a building designer or a drafting service provider. You might want to reach out to your previous architect to plan and discuss detailed considerations for your layout.
  3. Choose the material. This is a crucial stage. You might want to take the time in choosing the material that works best for your present home design and layout. Backyard decking in Australia usually uses materials such as hardwoods, treated pine, composite, and aluminium.
    Hardwood is a reputable material for backyard decking as it is durable and long-lasting.

    Treated pine is cheap and works well, too, however it is less durable and has a shorter life.

    Composite, however, is a lot more expensive than wood but is an excellent choice for decking for its durability. 

    Aluminium is the most effective as a decking material but has a lot of drawbacks like being noisy when stepped on and slippery when wet.

  4. Secure legalities. Get a building permit for your backyard deck and make sure that your project is according to the Australian standards for deck building. You may need council approval too. This is to ensure that your deck is structurally sound and adheres to the building codes. Your project must have appropriate engineering for faster approval.

backyard decking material wood for flooring

You may want to secure help from our network of Drafting professionals. Here at Superdraft, we assist our clients in the completion of the requirements to get council approval.

Costs to do backyard decking

backyard decking cost of renovation

Backyard decking is a little more expensive than building a patio, but it adds more value to your home because of its convenience and sustainability. Of course, the cost of building it depends on a lot of factors.

In a rough estimate, building a backyard deck costs $8,800 to $15,000*. This figure includes professional fees, materials, and labour costs.  The material that you’ll choose plays a large role in this, since durability comes with a price.

If you’ll seek a building designer or request a drafting service, they’ll charge you around 5-15% of the total cost*. The builder, on the other hand, will probably charge you based on square footage; so the bigger the area, the larger the cost.

Remember that the figures mentioned are only rough estimates. To get a clear idea of how much it will cost to build a backyard deck, request a free quote from Superdraft. Sign up for free, and you can use our platform to find the perfect building designer or drafting professional for your deck.

*The figure above is an estimate only and is subject to changes.

Open-air perfection

Outdoor renovation is a seamless transaction with the right pool of professionals to help you. If you think having an outdoor deck is the perfect idea for your home, get the help you need! We’ll match you with the right professional according to your need here at Superdraft. Sign up for your free account and start saving your favourite designs. Get free access to our platform, estimates, and even consultation with our Project Coordinators!

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