Bathroom styling tips that you can follow amid the lockdown

Turn your washroom into something special and enjoyable.
Bathroom styling tips that you can follow amid the lockdown

You go to your bedroom, outdoor living area, or your living room when you want to relax and recharge. But to completely remove the tense and anxiousness in the body, you need to take a quick shower or soak in the bathtub first. So, when redesigning your home, you need to fix every room, especially the bathroom. Refer to these bathroom styling tips: 

Start this project with a clear goal.

The goal is simple: turn your bathroom into a place where you want to spend time in and a place where you feel refreshed, recharged, and pampered after use.

Take a look at the bathroom you have now. What is wrong that needs to be corrected? Is it lacking something? What are the things that you can do to make it better?

Turn a cluttered bathroom into a blank canvas

A chaotic bathroom is an eyesore. You can’t start the redecorating process without getting rid of the unnecessary stuff. 

Start with removing the dirty window coverings, scrawny plants, stick-on wall hooks, and mismatched towels and containers. 

Next, clean every inch and corner of the bathroom. Make sure that the floors, vanity top, window sills, tubs, sinks, and other hard-to-reach areas and surfaces are squeaky clean. 

Then, store all your bathroom essentials properly inside drawers and cupboards to keep them out of sight.

luxury bathroom

A clean and uncluttered bathroom looks and feels better, but this is only the beginning. 

Create a design that elicits an emotional response.

Redesigning your bathroom is easy when you know what you want to feel and experience whenever you use the bathroom. 

For a more relaxing vibe, use building materials from the Earth. Notice how the brass lighting, statement plant, stone benchtop, timber vanity, and the wicker baskets look together in this bathroom:

bathroom styling tips

Place a stool beside the bathtub so you have a place to put down a good book or a glass of wine. It is very practical to have one especially when you enjoy a long soak in the tub.

bathroom styling tips

Accessorizing makes a difference

Redesigning your bathroom is your chance to change the tiles, vanity finishes, tapware, flooring, and other major bath fixtures that you don’t like anymore.

But, if your bathroom is only a few years old and almost everything is still in good condition, it is highly recommended to accessorize to elevate the look of your bathroom. 

Matching and high-quality bath towels make a statement. 

If you are the type of person who splurges on bath essentials (e.g. luxury soap, body washes, bath bombs, fragrant shower gels, etc.), we highly encourage you to use them as decoration too. 

Hand-made decor, dried sea sponges, candles, flowers, and other organic materials look great when displayed properly in the bathroom too. 

Use real plants as decor

Living plants make bathrooms a more pleasant place for you and your family because it improves the decor and indoor air quality. 

Bathrooms are warm and humid, therefore it is the perfect place for plant species that don’t need frequent watering (e.g. Boston Ferns). 

bathroom styling tips

Low-maintenance plants like aloe vera and spider plant improve indoor air quality and keep the odour fresh. 

Oversized potted plants look great in the bathroom, as long as they fit in the space and won’t obstruct your way. 

For more information on the ideal houseplants to display in your bathroom, read this amazing article on Reef Channel AU

Lastly, keep the place uncluttered

Clutter is the enemy of good design. And, in reality, our bathrooms get cluttered easily. 

We may not admit it, but there are times when we leave knick-knacks, trash, and half-used products on the counters. 

For the bathroom styling tips above to work, you need to keep your bathroom clean and uncluttered. Clean as you go. It is the only way to keep your bathroom stylish, and you and your family will want to spend time here more. 

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