Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

Yes! Here, we’ll teach you how to choose the design and how to lay them to add visual interest in your bathroom.
Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

Your choice of tiles is crucial when planning a bathroom renovation. The bathroom tiles add visual interest and the ‘wow factor' that you want in your space. 

Here are some tips on how to use your tiles to make an impact: 

1. Mix and match create visual interest

Take a look at this featured bathroom, which uses square and penny hexagon tiles.

The white penny hex tiles stand out against the grey tiles on the floor and the opposite wall and form a subtle pattern that heightens the bathroom interiors.

Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

Are you planning to copy this design? Keep in mind that the smaller the tile, the busier the pattern looks like, so opt for basic geometric shapes that are less likely to look outdated. Try penny rounds, the trendy mermaid tiles (the one that looks like fish scales), or any similar shape shown below: 

Mercury mosaics

These tiles are from mercurymosaics.com. They offer beautiful, handmade ceramic tiles. View their collection here.

Apart from the shape and size, you also need to take the colour of the tiles into consideration. Create a beautiful contrast when you install one tile that’s darker than the other.

2. Large-scale tiles with less grout

When budget is an issue, you might want to stick with tiles with basic shapes (like rectangles and squares). Unusually-shaped tiles are often more expensive and more complicated to install. 

Here's a white bathroom with faux marble tiles on the walls and floor. Using a single tile with a luxurious design makes a huge statement. Since this is not real marble stone, the homeowner saved money and put the rest of the budget towards a stylish vanity, tapware, fixtures, lighting, and a great mirror.

Want to build a bathroom like this in the Gold Coast?  Contact our Gold Coast designers

3. Create a feature wall using 3D tiles

You could say it's the wave of the future but using textured 3D tiles to create a feature wall in the bathroom is one of the hottest trends nowadays.

Take a look at this beach-style bath with luxury fittings and standalone bathtub. The wall looks like a contemporary bas-relief. The 3D wall tiles reflect the light at different angles, making the bathroom much brighter and warmer.

4. Chevrons and herringbone patterns

These two are our favourite tile layouts. Plain, rectangular basic tiles look 100% better when laid in these striking patterns. Take a look at this illustration to know the difference:

Remodeling 101: The Difference Between Chevron and Herringbone ...

In this new home, the designer arranged an inexpensive plain black rectangular tile to make a popular herringbone pattern. It is amazing how one can achieve a stylish and interesting look using a standard tile.

Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

5. Standout grout

It is highly recommended to use a grout that highlights the shape of the tiles you used. Here's a basic white subway tile with contrasting grout colours. The grouts help you notice the pattern that subway tiles give:

Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

If you want striking chevron patterns on the wall, take a look at this:

Can I use bathroom tiles for maximum impact?

Our final piece of advice:

When shopping for tiles, always look for high-quality products. Take your time and do your research. It is best to look at the offers from different brands online, reach out to them, and ask for a quote.

If you are in need of a professional who can be by your side from planning to construction of your new bathroom, Superdraft is here for you.

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