Benefits and features of project planning dashboard for your home renovation project

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It can be challenging to track all aspects of a home renovation project because of its complex nature. You need to study renovation plans and make sure that your team follows all of its details. It is also crucial that suppliers deliver materials on time. There is also the issue of keeping your home renovation project within budget. Thankfully, you can monitor all of these using a project planning dashboard or project planning platform such as Superdraft. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about project planning dashboards and how Superdraft can easily help you manage your home renovation projects.

Project planning dashboard
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What is a project planning dashboard?

A project planning dashboard like Superdraft is a platform for managing your home renovation project from start to completion. It is a one-stop solution where you can access all the necessary and important information about your dream renovation projects in one easy to use dashboard. This platform also highlights problems with in your project  that requires your attention. 

A project planning dashboard also acts as a central hub for all information related to your home renovation project. You can use the dashboard to access project designs and see if your building designer uses the plan you agreed on. You can access the details of your home renovation floor plan to gauge if you need to have it revised or not.

The project planning dashboard also acts as a communication hub where you can coordinate and communicate with the key personnel involved in your home renovation project.

Benefits of a project planning dashboard

It can help you develop a design for your home.

A project planning dashboard acts as a collaboration tool that connects you with an expert building designer. You can work with the designer to develop a plan according to your needs and your vision of what you want your house to look like. 

Superdraft offers thousands of sample home designs and inspo images that you can save directly in your Dreamboard through our Inspiration gallery. You can look at images and videos of various home designs and use them as your inspiration.

Project planning dashboard

Superdraft also lets you access a comprehensive database of useful articles, including design trends, home improvement projects, and renovation tips and tricks. Use these articles to inspire you during the planning stage and guide you during the building phase.

It acts as your main source of renovation information.

A project planning dashboard is primarily a source of everything you need to know about your home renovation project. You can use it to access floor plans, energy reports, 3D models, and others. When you work with Superdraft, you can access your dashboard to check on the designs created for you and assess if they meet your requirements. Superdraft also provides 3D models to help you visualize how your house will look after renovations, so you can suggest changes if you have some modifications in mind. 

The software also contains information on your design team to know exactly who’s helping you with your renovations. With detailed information about team members, you know who is responsible for each stage of the renovation process, so you know who to make a follow up to or get updates from. 

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It acts as a communication and collaboration centre

A planning dashboard has an in-app chat messaging feature to keep you in touch will all project members. You can chat with team members to receive updates or if you have questions about the project. 

The chat feature lets you stay on top of things even if you are not physically present at the worksite because you can chat with your project manager anytime, anywhere. 

In addition, the chat feature can help make your renovation project more efficient. For example, some projects need local council approval, which entails submitting some requirements. When you use Superdraft’s project coordination platform, you can communicate with the team member assigned to help you obtain approvals. The team member assigned to you can assess your project requirements to make sure that all requirements are in order. 

It can help save time and anticipate problems.

Although renovation projects take time, there is an estimate on how long a project should take, and Superdraft can help you keep your project on track. Superdraft has a timeline view to guide you on the different stages of your home renovation project and the expected completion time. This can help you assess if your project can meet the deadline or if you need to adjust your expected time of completion. 

A project planning platform also gives you access to a project checklist to determine which parts of your home renovation are complete and which ones are still in progress. The checklist can help you anticipate problems and find solutions before they result in delays.  

It can help you stay within budget.

Home renovation projects revolve around a budget and you must stick to the said budget to avoid overspending. However, it is essential to plan for unavoidable expenses, so be sure to allocate a contingency fund to cover such expenses. A safe contingency fund should be equal to 10 to 20 per cent of your budget. Although you’re aiming to stay within budget, having extra funds ready is an excellent way of keeping your home renovation project on track. 


You can use your project planning platform to monitor the project and the expenses during each stage. This will give you a clear idea of whether the project meets the projected costs. If a phase is costing more than expected, you can use Superdraft’s in-app messaging feature to check with your project manager and see what is causing the project to go over budget. 

Upon getting your free quote from Superdraft, you should know how much your renovation project will cost and if your savings will cover it. If your budget is not enough, but you cannot put off your home renovation, then avail of Superdraft’s Reno Now, Pay Later scheme. Superdraft has partnered with HandyPay to help homeowners who need renovations but don’t have enough funds. HandyPay offers flexible terms to meet your funding needs and set your home renovation project in motion. 

Project planning dashboard

How Superdraft can help you coordinate your renovation project

A home renovation is a huge undertaking and can be an overwhelming experience. Superdraft uses its design and project management expertise to make the process simpler for you.  

First, Superdraft matches you with an expert designer to take your ideas and transform them into plans. Talk about how you envision your home and how your family uses it so your designer can craft a plan that will make your home more liveable. The design process takes time, and here are some estimates on how the design phase of the project will take: 

Small/medium renovations and new builds – 4 – 8 weeks

Medium/large renovations and new builds – 6- 10 weeks

Small developments and commercial projects – 6 – 12 weeks

You can access floor and interior plans in your project planning tool to check whether they reflect your visions and assess if they will serve your family’s needs. 

If you’re happy with the design, Superdraft can manage the home renovation project for you. This lightens your load to concentrate on other critical tasks like managing your business, taking care of your family, or going to work. 

With the help of Superdraft, there is no need to juggle managing your home renovation project and other responsibilities. Superdraft will coordinate the project and guide you, whether in drafting, engineering, surveying, energy reports, council approvals, etc. 

Conclusion: Use a project planning dashboard for your renovation project

A project planning dashboard is an excellent tool to help you handle your home renovation project. You can use it to monitor renovations from start to finish. It also acts as a collaboration tool for working closely with your building designer and other building professionals crucial to the success of your project. Superdraft can provide you access to an excellent project planning dashboard and assist you in managing your home renovation project. If you want to know how much it will cost to renovate your home and transform it into the ideal space for your family, create your account at Superdraft and get your free quote today.  

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