Best door designs that make a good first impression to your home

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door designs

Having the right door is important for any homeowner because it is the first thing that greets guests and can leave a lasting impression. You want a door that impresses guests while doing an excellent job at securing your home. This is the reason why generic doors just won’t cut it. If you think you have a plain and boring door, now may be the best time to replace it. This article contains a list of amazing door designs you can try if you want to upgrade how your house looks.

Best door designs for 2022

Herringbone pattern

Wood doors will never go out of style because of how classy they look but you’ll want to have a wood door that stands out. One way of doing this is by replacing your door with a wood door with herringbone pattern.

door designs
door designs

Herringbone or chevron-patterned doors look elegant and you can get them in a wide variety of colours and patterns so you can choose one that complements your overall building design. Chevrons also come in different sizes so choose one that goes well with your home renovation ideas.

If you want your herringbone door to look different, try a horizontal herringbone pattern instead of the usual vertical ones.

Timber and glass – guarded visuals, a bit of sunlight

This is an excellent option if you want a more modern take on the wood door. You can choose a door made of timber planks alternated with thin panes of glass.

The glass panes provide you with guarded visuals of the front of your house while retaining the solidity and sturdiness of wood. Glass also lets in a bit of sunlight to make your house interiors brighter.

door designs
door designs

Laser-carved metal doors

Laser-carving has been around for years now and is not being used to create amazing door designs. Using a laser-carved metal door is an excellent option if you want a door that provides heightened security because they are very sturdy. With proper care, metal doors will last for a long time. You can also have your metal door repaired if you see dings or scratches.

One of the best reasons to get a laser-carved metal door is the amount of freedom it gives you when it comes to creative door designs. You can choose any design you want to carve to your door. If you’re doing an extensive home renovation, you can consult your draftsman and get some ideas on what design will look fantastic with the overall design of your home.

metal door designs

Pivot doors

A pivot door is an excellent alternative if you want a door that stands out from the usual door designs you see in most houses. Instead of a door that uses hinges, these doors use a pivoting mechanism. One advantage of this type of door is you can go as big as you want because it supports heavy weights. As for the door material, you can use any material that catches you fancy.

Another pivot door design you can consider is one that combines two doors. You can have a large door to open when you are bringing in furniture or large items. Within the large door, you can have a smaller one for human use. It uses the same concept that gates use wherein you have a large gate for vehicles and a smaller inset one for pedestrian use.

pivot door
pivot door

Japanese door

Japanese doors or shoji doors are sliding doors and great options for those who have limited space. Sliding doors can help you maximise space compared to swinging door designs. However, they provide less security compared to sturdier doors so they are recommended for indoor spaces like your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. If you want to use a Japanese door for your front door, you can have it customised to use sturdier wood and thicker panes of glass.

japanese door entrance
japanese door design

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Curved door

If you want a front door but don’t like the standard rectangular doors then a curved door is an excellent alternative. Curved doors have rounded tops akin to the ones you see on castles or churches. Their appearance makes them instant conversation starters. If you’re replacing a rectangular door during your home renovation, work with a building expert because you’ll need to modify the door frame to make a curved door fit.

door designs

Atrium door

Atrium doors are the ultimate choices if you want a grand front door. Atrium doors are the best in letting in daylight among door designs. You can also design an atrium door so you can open one side for daily use while reserving the other side for special occasions or if you need to bring in large items.

One disadvantage of atrium doors is the minimal privacy they provide but you can offset this by using frosted glass in some areas combined with clear glass for visibility. Be sure to consult a building design expert in choosing a type of glass that enhances your home’s insulating capabilities.

atrium door designs

Connect with a building designer via Superdraft for your door design projects

Replacing your door is a critical part of your home renovation project because you want your door to keep up with the updated look of your home. There are a lot of door designs to choose from so select one that complements the look of your home while still protecting your family. 

If you want to be sure that you have the best door design possible, let Superdraft help you. Superdraft can connect you with a building designer to assist you during your home renovation project. Sign up to Superdraft today and get a free design quote so you can start your renovation project in no time.

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