Best exterior house colours: Top 15 exterior paint colour trends for 2022

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best exterior house colours: pastel pink

It’s not enough that your home looks gorgeous inside – it should also have kerb appeal. After all, your home’s exterior is the first thing people will notice about your house. It’s crucial that it has a bright and welcoming facade, and one way to make sure of that is through repainting.

In this guide, we’ll share some insider tips on how to choose colours for your home’s exterior. We’ll also share some of the best exterior house colours to consider this 2022. 

Let’s begin!

best exterior house colours: grey

How to choose the best exterior house colours

With the wide number of exterior paint colours available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few expert tips on how to choose the right colour for your house:

Narrow your choices down to light or dark colours

Dark shades absorb heat, whereas light shades reflect it. If you want your house to stay cool, stick with lighter colours. Just remember that most light exterior paint colours, like white or ivory, can turn yellow over time.

Pick colours that complement the neighbourhood

Start by looking at which colours your neighbours have chosen and pick something that complements those colours. You should also check if your local council has set guidelines for the exterior paint colours you should use. This is extremely common for heritage homes.

Create harmony among the exterior paint colours

Painting the exterior of your home involves painting the siding, the roof, window panes, eaves, and detailing. We recommend choosing one main colour for the siding and a contrasting shade for the roof. Then pick an accent colour for the other sections (visors, platbands, cornices, etc.).

Do a trial painting session

A trial painting session means painting a small section of the wall in your desired colour to see how it will look before you paint the rest of the space. Observe how the painted area looks during various weather conditions.

Seek advice from a professional

A building designer can provide you with valuable advice on how to design the exterior of your home. Not only can they help you with colour choices, but they can also help you choose which windows, doors, and roof styles that will work best for your home.

best exterior house colours: blue and white

Best exterior house colours: Bright and bold

In 2022, it’s noticeable that homeowners have been opting for more vibrant, statement colours. According to design experts, this is an indication that more and more people are starting to feel the need to inject more joy and colour into their daily lives. This is quite a departure from muted, neutral colours that were the norm in the past.

Here are some bright and bold colours to choose from:

1. Bright red

Bright autumn red is a classic choice for modern farmhouse-style homes. Pair it with crisp white detailing around the eaves and window panes and you’ll have a gorgeous, striking house that leaves a strong impression.

bright red exterior paint

2. Mustard yellow

Most people associate the colour yellow with a sunny day. If you want your home’s exterior to exude a bright, sunny mood, go for varying shades of yellow paired with light brown and green.

best exterior house colours: mustard yellow

3. All-black 

Painting a house in all black isn’t just a bold and unique choice, it’s also a practical choice for people who live in cold climates. It absorbs more heat from the sun and keeps indoor temperatures warm.

black exterior paint
Credit: Brickworks

4. Peach

Brighten up your home’s facade with gorgeous peach accents. If a bright pink house feels too much for you, try using it for window shutters or the gable, like in the example below:

house with peach-coloured accents

5. Muted pastels

Muted pastels are excellent at creating a playful, whimsical, and eye-catching facade. Use a neutral colour like white or grey for your trim and accents to keep everything balanced.

best exterior house colours: pastel blue

Best exterior house colours: Natural earthy colours

Natural and earthy colours are great for those who want their homes to have a unique yet calming facade. These colours tend to blend more naturally with the landscape, which is ideal if your home is surrounded by lush vegetation.

1. Vibrant green

Green is excellent for those who want their homes to seem one with nature. It builds continuity with a bright green lawn, creating a pleasant facade.

best exterior house colours: vibrant green

2. Natural wood and black

Keeping wooden sidings in their natural wood stain is a smart choice, especially if you pair it with jet black detailing. This creates a contemporary look with a touch of rustic charm.

home exterior with natural wood
Credit: Weathertex

3. Ivory and mint green

Painting a majority of your house in ivory and contrasting it against mint green detailing is an excellent option for people with traditional homes. This colour combination will look seamless together with white picket fences and a front lawn.

ivory and mint green paint colours

4. Royal blue, ocean blue, and white

If you’re the type of person who thinks that the sea is your happy place, then why not bring the ocean home with you? Paint a majority of your home’s siding in ocean blue, then add more vivid royal blue details. Keep the trim and cornices white for a clean and polished look.

blue door with blue cladding

5. Brown and green

This modern home plays with natural stone and wood textures. The second storey is painted green to create a unique facade.

brown and green home exterior

Best exterior house colours: timeless and iconic

Muted and neutral colours are timeless and iconic. They work for any home style and are always in fashion. Here are some of your options:

1. Muted grey

Muted grey is for those who want their homes to have a subdued and calming feel. It goes excellently with contemporary homes with flat or skillion roofs, as well as natural wood cladding.

best exterior house colours: muted grey
Credit: Weathertex

2. Classic navy

The classic navy exterior is something that never goes out of style. Pair it with stark white trim and your house will be a timeless classic.

classic navy blue exterior

3. Black and white

A black and white home is simple, muted, and iconic. These colours go effortlessly well with any type of landscaping or greenery.

black and white home exterior
Credit: Oknalux

4. Blue and white

The iconic blue and white colour scheme can be seen in many Craftsman-style, Hamptons-style and Queenslander homes. However, don’t be shy to use the same colour combination for a contemporary home, like the one below:

light blue exterior paint

5. Classic beige

Beige is a classic choice for people with traditional homes. To prevent the colour from looking too safe or boring, pair it with a darker secondary colour like royal blue.

classic beige home exterior

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