10 Clever home extension and addition ideas

These projects will increase your home's space and boost its value
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A home extension or an addition, when done right, increases a home’s square footage and boosts its market value. Are you planning to improve your current residence? Here, we’re sharing ten clever ideas that you should consider:

Extended dining room space

Here, you see the interiors of a home extension that opens the kitchen and dining space to the backyard. A spacious open plan kitchens and dining areas like this give families the opportunity to spend more time together. Flexible spaces like this also function as a spacious area for play and exercise.

building designer
Image credit: The London Tile Co.

Tip: Using the same flooring material for your indoor and outdoor spaces result in a seamless visual experience. Using glazed concertina / stacking doors also fully open the interior rooms to the garden. Just be sure to check the slip resistance rating for the outdoor flooring meets requirements. 

Porch extension

A porch is a covered outdoor space that projects in front of the entrance of a house. It is a useful buffer to the elements, especially when the house has no mudroom. Establish a sitting or waiting area here to make the front porch more functional and stylish.

building designer home extension

Many Australian homes also have a back porch. Place the informal outdoor dining and lounge areas here to create a  functional and comfortable entertaining area that’s sheltered from the elements.

building designer home extension

Poolside deck

Adding a deck to the home extension creates extra living space where families can enjoy meals and spend quality time together all year round. A deck also visually connects a pool to the alfresco area and unifies the space.

Multi-levelled deck

A multi-levelled deck as shown in this coastal-style house gives extra space without taking away more square footage on the ground. An elevated deck also provides a better view of the surroundings, especially important when the property has a nice aspect to be enjoyed.

building designer home extension

Glazed extension

Suited for contemporary homes, a small single-storey home glazed extension like this ensures that the newly expanded room is flooded with daylight all year round. As a result, the room appears larger and lighter. 

building designer
Image credit: Polly Eltes

Home gym 

Extending the house to build a private gym is also a great idea. It is open 24/7 for you, there’s no need to commute, and it’s healthier and safer because you are not sharing the space with strangers.

building designer home extension

Garage extension

A garage extension is one of the most cost-effective home extension ideas especially for multigenerational homes and dual occupancy structures. 

building designer home extension

Addition above the garage

For many family homes, building more livable space above the garage is a feasible option. It can be an extra bedroom, another bathroom, home office, study, or a fun room (e.g. home theatre). During the planning phase, check whether there is a need to make structural changes to the garage to support the weight of the new room.

building designer home addition

Raised Queenslander

Raising a Queenslander house to create livable spaces below the main house is one topic that we have previously discussed here at Superdraft. There are many benefits of elevating this classic Australian beauty. It is a great option for multigenerational families and for families who want to earn extra from rent. 

building designer queenslander

Loft conversion

Got high ceilings? Turn that unused space over your head into an extra bedroom or an office. Large windows and skylights make the interiors brighter and more inviting. Railings ensure the safety of the occupants in the loft. 

Projects like this are often seen in a lot of contemporary narrow home designs too. 

building designer home addition loft conversion

Extensions are horizontal, aiming to increase the overall floor size. Additions, on the other hand, are vertical, aiming to gain another floor level. 

Either way, building upwards and outwards will create more functional and livable spaces. More square footage brings more value to you and your family. There’s more room for growth and there’s more space for everyone to enjoy.

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