Quick guide: best kitchen flooring for every kitchen style

In this blog, we'll discuss the best kitchen flooring materials and the building materials that look great with them.
QUICK GUIDE: Best Kitchen Flooring For Every Kitchen Style

Your floors are the backdrop of your design. It is crucial to pick the right one. Do not be deceived by the showroom or the professionally-shot photos presented to you. There are cases when the colour and material combinations are disappointing once recreated in one's home. So, before you pick and pay for one, think of the overall look. In this blog, we'll show you the best kitchen flooring for every kitchen style. May this guide you in the right direction as well. 

When to choose polished concrete

Polished concrete is our most recommended choice for many contemporary and modern kitchens. It’s a perfect backdrop for bold, custom cabinetry. When you choose polished concrete, make sure that you use materials that warm up the kitchen. Here, the wooden kitchen island extension table and warm lighting balance out the grey floor. The two makes this monochrome kitchen more fabulous.

Polished concrete floors and black kitchen cabinets look gorgeous together. Here, the black cabinetry gives this kitchen depth and drama. It pairs well with black kitchen appliances. Stainless steel appliances work too — they’re a natural pair for polished concrete floors. Another way to bring warmth in a place with polished concrete floors is through exposed brick. Here, the warm tones of the exposed brick walls bring a raw, industrial feel to the kitchen. There are black and timber elements in this apartment, but the brick wall steals the show. The colour of the bricks stops the neutral colours from making the room feel cold. For best results, inject bright colours in the kitchen design. Vivid yellow, orange, and red elements look great against a neutral backdrop. Introduce these colours using furniture and displays that you can change easily (e.g. bar stools, fruits, flowers, indoor potted plants etc.) You can’t go wrong when you pair polished concrete with Earthy building materials and colours. It prevents the kitchen from feeling sterile. 

When to choose solid timber floors

Timber flooring is flexible and goes with any style. It rocks in a modern, contemporary, traditional, rustic, industrial, french provincial, minimal, or coastal style kitchen. It looks great, especially when you use the same timber species all the way. We don't see full timber kitchens much anymore because solid hardwood floors plus custom timber cabinetry is expensive — and timber elements often clash with each other. 

You can still pull off this look without design overload tho. In this kitchen, the floorboards look similar to the wood used in the cabinets, kitchen island, and floating shelves. Timber floors look best when paired with neutral colours. In the kitchen below, the white walls and cabinetry prevented design overload. In planning your kitchen design, always assess how the floors, ceiling, doors, windows, furniture pieces, and decorations will come into play. Timber elements should tie the whole look together. In the French Provincial kitchen above, the dark wooden floors match with the dining furniture. The exposed beams team with the kitchen island in adding depth to the design.

Do you want a luxurious looking kitchen? Pair wooden floors with high-end building materials. The herringbone floors with the marble splashback and streamlined cabinets take this kitchen to the next level. Nothing beats the beauty and durability of solid wood floors. However, this type of flooring requires regular maintenance which is considered a disadvantage to busy homeowners.

When to choose laminate flooring

Despite the debate about using wood-like laminate floors as floor coverings for kitchens, many Australian homeowners choose it because it’s a more economical choice than solid wood. As long as you can address the moisture concerns, you can install laminate flooring in the kitchen. Always opt for high-quality laminate floors. You want your kitchen floors to be durable and resistant to scratches and stains. Because the kitchen is a busy place, your laminate floors should withstand heavy foot traffic. More importantly, repair damages and replace planks as soon as possible. 

When to use tiles

Tiles offer the ultimate design freedom. There are thousands of options out there! You can stick with the classics or you can embrace the trendy tiles. Whatever your style is, we’re sure there’s a tile for you. 

Concrete tiles give this minimalist kitchen natural texture. These are durable — you don't have to worry about kids or pets wreaking havoc on them. This modern kitchen boasts its sweet, statement tiles. We're obsessed with the checkerboard floors and mosaic splashback doesn’t feel too polished. Mosaic tiles, such as those used on this splashback, add a dash of playfulness. Match your floor tiles to your splashback, and you won't have to stress about clashing design elements. If you want a kitchen that feels laid-back, opt for neutral-coloured floor tiles. This modern minimalist home's kitchen gets a dose of fun from the hexagonal-patterned floor. The colours of the tiles are basic, but the patterned floors in a plain kitchen is a bold addition.

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