You'll feel right inside this lovely black and white bathroom

Check out this modern, black and white bathroom with shower, toilet, basin and dark feature wall.
Lovely Black and White Bathroom

A lot of people find it challenging to design long and narrow bathrooms. There is no formula to make it right. You got to measure everything and make sure the scale is right. Here's a perfect example. This black and white bathroom looks super spacious, and you might like its design.

Lovely Black and White Bathroom Lovely Black and White Bathroom

What we like about this black and white bathroom

Greyish white tiles

The homeowner and the designer don't fancy stark and clinical bathrooms. To avoid that, they removed bright white tiles from their options. (There are lots of shades of white.) Instead, they laid greyish white tiles on the walls and the floors. It reflects light around the room, so the bathroom remains bright. It also looks cool and clean.

Functional feature wall

Made from charcoal grey tiles, the feature wall stands out in this bathroom. A darker shade looks more attractive when you pair them with white tiles.

Of course, the feature wall isn't for decoration only. It has a recessed area which the homeowner used to store towels and other toiletries.

Fuss-free walk-in shower

As you can see, there are no doors to open and no tub to get into. It's easy to get in and out of the shower. If you like quick showers, this design might work for you.

Also, there's a clothesline where you can hang your wet towels or robe until they're dry.

Simple vanity

There's not much in the vanity, only the important things. One, there's the sink. Two, there's very little countertop space enough for skincare and make up products. Three, there's a large mirror. Last, the drawers that provide enough storage.

Double purpose

This bathroom serves more than its main purpose. There is a washer and a drying rack in here, meaning the homeowner does his/her laundry here too. It's near the door, far from the wet areas so the wet, clean clothes dry faster.

Lovely Black and White Bathroom

Lovely Black and White Bathroom

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