Boutique home design: a fast guide to features, pros, cons, and more

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open plan design of a boutique home design

Just encountering the term “boutique home design”, every possible synonym of the word elegance comes to mind — deluxe, fineness, supreme quality. Merely seeing the word “boutique” comes to the image of signature items that it houses; the designer clothes it displays all exude a level of sophistication that connotes a high value and staggering price tag. Yes, it’s definitely eye candy.

If you’re looking to renovate your home and upscale it to a different design, you would not want to have a house replicating someone else’s. If not as extravagant as boutique home design, you would like a home design that is personalised to your liking and pleasure.

In this article, you’ll learn the features, duration, and legal regulations of renovating your house into a boutique home. You’ll learn the pros and cons of getting this design for your renovation project.

Keep your eyes on the prize and continue reading.

What is a boutique home?

white living room and kitchen in an open space

Boutique homes are well-designed contemporary homes with enhanced functionalities and custom-built to certain specifications for your budget and lifestyle. They are of high-quality standards and uncompromising innovative designs architectured in sophistication and luxury.

What’s remarkable about boutique homes is their decor and aesthetic qualities tailored to your location. More than that, they are extraordinary and unique in building design, construction, and decoration.

To fully accomplish one, it’s important to choose experienced and creative professionals, building designers and builders alike, to get you your dreams of building your boutique home. You won’t have to compromise your lifestyle because you have a well-designed boutique house for a reason. Your house adjusts to your lifestyle.

Many builders have embraced boutique home design services, offering specific packages. They will assist you with knockdown rebuilds, dual occupancies, and townhome services. Moreover, they have their home only and house and land packages. In this service, you will select the house of your liking and each house design has its own respective cost and ready-made house plans. However, already prepared house plans defeat a boutique home's very purpose and quality.

Why are boutique home designs gaining popularity?

home design with modern elements and colours

Boutique homes are on the trend considering they are residential spaces with unique qualities, features, character, and class. There was an increase in the demand for boutique homes because apart from convenience, there is importance in an adequately executed interior design and architecture.

Since they are contemporary homes, they already are modernised versions of traditional houses. The colours, furniture, finishes, and more are combinations of different styles that have emerged in the past. 

A home featuring a boutique home design is beautiful, simple, and prestigious. Since they are sought-after, they have a higher resale value in case homeowners decide to sell in the future.

Who wouldn’t want a house that you helped customise — a house built for you and your future family, or existing family: customised down to the details?

How long does it take to build a boutique home?

boutique home luxurious and spacious

Depending on the size of the projects, a typical renovation timeline ranges from 4 to 8 months*. Since this is a custom-build home and a lot of details and architectural customisations are needed to factor in, your team can do a regular-size boutique home in a maximum of 6-10 months*. Considering that it’s a complete house renovation and a custom one, expect the preliminary stage to take longer than necessary. This stage includes researching, designing, planning, and getting permits.

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What are the features of a boutique home?

contemporary home design with a fireplace

A boutique home design is adding to the interest of most Australian homeowners. The luxuriousness and the interesting quality of its features add to the considerations of opting for a boutique home. Some would even renovate their homes and reinvent their existing home designs to a more prestigious abode.

You might be interested in the qualities of a boutique home design. Here are the features of one.

Innovative design

Designers believe that every custom-made home is a work of art. A boutique home has a state-of-the-art design and architecture and original pieces made to your liking. You can even choose what staircase design you’re going for, especially when you have a family member with mobility concerns.


Since boutique homes are custom-made, only a few people have them. In this case, a limited number of families. 


A boutique home is a personalised luxury concept, one of its own and unlike anything else.

Top-of-the-line amenities

You can add to your luxury homes exceptional amenities such as garage bars, jacuzzis, theatre room, or multi-car parking. With this type of home, you can accessorise. You get to enjoy activities you’re habituated to doing.


If you hire your professionals, expect they will ask you to design ideas you’re thinking for your home, your specific lifestyle, and your say on the house plans they have prepared. This way, you will help build or renovate the home you can afford and, more importantly, live in.

Architecturally different

No two families are the same. That’s why boutique homes are made different from each other. They have a specific architecture that makes it a selling point since buyers would always choose a property with a unique layout.

luxurious and monochromatic bathroom

You can choose a boutique builder. However, it’s still a great choice to handpick the professionals you want to build your home. Since these professionals will collaborate and make decisions with you on every aspect of your renovation, you may want to assess if the professionals to team up and make it happen are the best ones in their field. After all, these are people who will create your home with you. You should be at ease when communicating with them; they understand your likes and dislikes.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to build your boutique home, you may want to sign up for Superdraft. They have a free and easily-accessible platform. Once signed up, our Project Coordinator will reach out to you to get a clear idea of the considerations of your project.

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What are the pros and cons of designing a boutique home?

boutique home with modern kitchen and living room

Designing a boutique home, like any other design, has advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Personalised service and communication with the professionals. If you’re renovating to a boutique home, expect to handle a lot of decision-making for your project. You will be actively involved, and having the right team of professionals to accommodate you can make this more accessible since they will suggest which is best for every situation.
  • Large investment. Converting to a boutique home is the perfect investment if you’ll probably be selling your property and renovating to sell. More and more families want a home that is unique and different on a reasonable basis. You would want a house with a price accurate for its value. Some will even hire a property surveyor to assess if a particular property they plan to buy is worth the selling price. 
  • Finest attention to detail. Since it’s custom-made, several details in your home would need attention — finishes, colours, architectural styles, etc., down to the littlest details.
  • Unique designs. The distinctive details of your renovation may be different, but they will relieve you of problems with its functionality in the future. A plan that answers your lifestyle needs can give you a stress-free environment and living experience.

Talk to your hired professionals in building, building design, architecture, or drafting if you would like to have specific modifications to your home, the cost for such, and how you would ease the functionality of your space.

Here are some of the disadvantages:

mid century modern boutique home

  • Exorbitant cost. Since your builders and other professionals will adhere to certain modifications, such renovation to a custom-build home can go as high as $4500* per square metre, depending on the materials and specifications. Meanwhile, the typical cost ranges around $1300 to 1500* per square metre.

If you choose experienced professionals in your home, they can suggest how you can save money on specific customisations.

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  • Potential to overcapitalise. If you’re renovating your property above its resale value, you may be overcapitalising. Although not everyone who chooses to renovate to a boutique home will sell in the future, it’s essential to know how much your home’s resale value is so as not to spend more than necessary on renovations. Once you understand and see the value of your property, you can declare a working budget that you can consider throughout the renovation.
  • Inconvenient. If you’re a busy and a working individual, converting to a custom-build home might make it bothersome for you as you need to be hands-on with some details. Hire a trusted professional to handle this decision-making for you.

What legal regulations do you need to know if you want a boutique home design?

newly built boutique home design house

It’s normal to encounter problems complying with government laws and regulations in any renovation project. Like any other renovation, the rules covering such are the Domestic Building Contracts Act of 1995, Building Act 1993, and Building Regulations 2018. It’s best to pick reliable engineers, draftsmen, or building designers knowledgeable about the permitting requirements, process, and other legal matters that need to comply. More than anyone, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to know about the building process.

In renovating to a boutique home or any portions of it — be it the kitchen or bedroom; determine if your renovation will require local government approval. You can also confirm from them if you will need either a building permit, a planning permit, or both.

Either way, you will need a proposed design, planning report, shadow diagrams, drawings, specifications, allotment plans, and other documents to apply for your permits.

If you just execute minor alterations or maintenance repair, if you add pergolas or sheds, you won’t need a building permit. Check out this article on when you need a building permit.

Why should you pick Superdraft in your project?

A boutique home may connote an image of luxury, but the greatest takeaway here is having a home that suits your needs, especially when you’re starting to build your own family. It may be a house you inherited from your parents or a property you saw online, it’s always the best decision to customise it to your needs and lifestyle so you won’t suffer or regret anything in the long run. 

If you sign up for Superdraft, not only you can request a free quote, but you can also bring your floor plan to life. Experience deciding what layout, colour, texture, window, and doors you want your house to have. You can choose your own style and freely decorate your space using our 3D Virtual Technology.

More than that, Superdraft can pick you the best professionals in your area for your project. We can help you plan out your project with our award-winning project consultation and management platform. We can also assist our clients in getting council approval and help with the requirements needed for approval. 

* The figures indicated above are estimates only and are subject to change.

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