10 bathroom ideas that brighten a lonely washroom

Make your space brighter, lighter, and better. Thinking of a renovation this summer or fall? These bathroom ideas should be on your list!

We’re in the middle of the hottest months of the year but it’s the best time to open your home and allow light in. Opening the main room’s doors and windows aren’t enough. You also need to make your bathroom brighter. If you do, your space will appear to be more luxurious, comfortable, and relaxing. Here are 10 bathroom ideas that will make that goal happen:

Proper window placement and formatting

Placing a window is the first thing you want to do if you want more natural light in the bathroom. As you know, there are tons of window types and style, and each one offers varying levels of access to sunlight and privacy.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

There are traditional windows paired with window treatments such as blinds and rollers.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Then, there are innovations called the switch glass and the white translucent glass. White translucent glass allows almost 68% of natural light to pass through and illuminate your space. It doesn’t make the user feel exposed at all! The switch glass, on the other hand, turns translucent from transparent (vice versa) with a flick of a switch.

Use mirrors

The mirror is a reflective surface. Use the right size and place it in the best possible position and you will get a well-lit bathroom. In this bathroom, the mirror is used to reflect the light coming in from the bathroom windows. The light rays bounce off the surface of the mirror, illuminating the room from a different direction. That’s how you maximise the natural light coming in your space.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Install warm lighting

Consider using warm colours of light, especially when you aim to build a relaxing, spa-like bathroom. If possible, layer the warm and cold colours of lights. The white backlit mirror illuminates the bathroom counter, where brighter light is needed. This is an intelligent lighting scheme and it is needed in bathrooms with no huge source of natural light.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Go for a white bathroom

White is breezy and cool in nature. Having white (or any light-coloured) wall, floor, and fixtures will reverberate brightness and will make the room spacious.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Choose your tiles wisely

Tiles are one of the most important building materials used in the bathroom. Your choice of tiles will affect the look and feel of the place. We recommend using the ones with light patterns. It will help you achieve the clean and bright interiors that you aim for.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Enjoy a skylight

Last year, we saw the increasing number of homeowners who want their own skylights. Aside from being a sustainable home feature, this special window makes a bathroom look luxurious. It’s a source of natural light in the morning and an ambience booster at night.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

We recommend that you ask the help of a designer before having skylights installed. There are various types available and each one has a specific use. An experienced designer can guide you on which ones will fit your current structure.

Have feature lighting

Installing feature lights makes it easier to use the bathroom 24/7. It provides adequate lighting, especially in the powder and shower area. An experienced designer can help you position lights properly, illuminating the bathroom nicely.

Have courtesy lights

It is now possible to install sensors that detect movement in the bathroom. For instance, the sensors can light up the lights under the tub instantly, illuminating the floor in the middle of the night. This feature is highly useful to the elderly, in case they need to go to the bathroom during the wee hours of the day.  

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Rock an open plan bathroom layout

How about removing the large walls and embracing the open floor plan? Feel free to connect your bathroom to your bedroom or to your walk-in wardrobe.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

Get rid of shower cubes

Go for open-air showers or the one with a single glass panel. This contemporary design move is a smart use of space. Without the walls that form a shower cube, there is nothing that blocks the light from brightening the space completely.

10 Bathroom Ideas that Brighten a Lonely Washroom

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