How to Build a Bespoke Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

The life of an Australian home is in its outdoor area. Make yours special! ?
Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

The life of an Australian home is in its outdoor area. Make yours special! ? One way to do that is to build an outdoor BBQ kitchen where you can prepare and cook food for the people that matter most. You’ll need it for the upcoming holidays and other special, intimate meals ahead.

In this blog, we’re going to guide you on the major steps to building an outdoor kitchen, complete with barbecues and gas hobs.

Imagine your dream space

The first thing to do is to know exactly what you want. Try to answer these questions:

  • How do you want your outdoor kitchen to look like?
  • What are the features that you desire?
  • What do you want to feel when you’re using the space?

Write everything down to create a design brief. The more details you include, the better. When you’re out of ideas, look up photos online for inspiration. Download all the images you liked for later reference.

Hire a PRO to design the space

While some of you are open to DIY your outdoor BBQ kitchen, it’s still best to get help from design professionals. Hire a talented draftsman who can draw up the design. He/she will come up with a solid plan – taking your space, budget, and your ideas into account.

In Superdraft, we offer a design to budget service. We give a full preliminary design assistance to our clients to ensure that their design will fit their budget and will pass the local council. We also provide a preliminary building cost estimate.

Get a free quote when you inquire to Superdraft today.

Another benefit of acquiring a proper architectural draft is getting free electrical and structural advice. Basically, you’re getting more for what you paid for.

Invest in a sturdy foundation

If your foundation is weak, your outdoor kitchen will fail.

The foundation of the structure is very important. Ensure that the beams are properly embedded into the concrete. If you do not have ample building experience, we recommend hiring builders to help you out. Invest in the things that count and that includes the people who will design and build your house.

Station the kitchen appliances first

You should build around your appliances: the hob, barbeque, or if you have an oven. Once they’re all set, you can arrange the areas adjacent to it (e.g. the outdoor dining or lounge area). You should be able to move comfortably while using and cleaning the kitchen appliances.

Use hardwearing building materials

Outdoor cooking areas are exposed to food stains and natural elements. If you don’t use durable building materials, yours will break in a few years. We recommend using natural stone in your cooking area as it can resist high temperature and moisture.

Our team of skilled drafters are ready to help you build your outdoor BBQ kitchen. Get a free quote when you inquire to Superdraft today.

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