Build cost estimation: how Superdraft helps ensure that your dream design keeps within your budget

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build cost estimation

Build costs are one of the items that most people who plan a renovation or building project typically underestimate. As the design process starts, the customer’s build budget often gets overlooked by most designers, which is why statistics show that over 50% of projects in Australia end up over budget. Unfortunately, within the industry, the construction cost and build budget are often not considered well enough during the design phase and customers typically only find out the build costs at the end when the builders submit their quotes, where they get a nasty surprise and it is too late.

build cost estimation

Superdraft’s build cost estimation service

One of Superdraft’s missions is to help solve this systemic problem within the industry, and help ensure projects are better delivered on budget. It is with this in mind that we offer customers a Build Cost Estimation Service early on during the design phase to ensure that your dream design keeps within or around your budget and allows you to know early on if any changes need to be made before you go and waste thousands more dollars and months of time getting through the entire approval process. 

We use industry leading cost estimation software, using data which is kept up to date with current labour and material costs, allowing us to provide you with an accurate build cost estimation early on.

construction work

The benefit of the Build Cost Estimate Service is having a better understanding of costs early on knowing that you will be on track when the time comes to get final build quotes. It will also give you the knowledge of the items that need to be taken into consideration so you can have the right conversations with the builders and everyone will be on the same page.

See below an example of a customer's build cost estimate provided within the Superdraft Dashboard during the design phase of their project.

build cost estimation

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