Building based on the Targets of Sustainable Structures

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All industries can be sustainable. As a result, the word sustainability acquired numerous meanings and interpretations, making the thought superficial sometimes. However, for countries, businesses, or people who take sustainability seriously, it is about preserving the environment to secure and provide for the well-being of the future generations. For in the construction industry, it is about building sustainable structures for a better future.

The construction industry is a major contributor to the sustainability of our world. Making the built environment sustainable has a good long-term effect to the environment, the economy, and with the quality of life. Over the past couple of decades, architects and builders have added structural features which help save water and cut down the cost of power. People saw these cost-efficient measures as a way to reduce cost of living or business operations. As a result, the market demands for more options on sustainable structures.

Sustainability is a current priority interest for the whole construction industry. Our goal is to give everyone access to it, which helps us build better communities. As the professionals in the industry, it is important that you understand the building blocks of sustainable design and construction.

Here are the target issues of sustainable structures and how to achieve them:


Source: Lafarge-Holcim Foundation or download the list here.

The demand for sustainable structures will always be present. It's most likely going to increase as more people become ecologically concerned and financially smart. It pays to know and understand how to build it, not just in a design perspective but as a whole sustainable concept.

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