26 March 2020

What is a ‘Garaport’ and Why You Should Build One

It’s a garage, shed, and a carport in one.

When people plan to build their garage, the main plan is to park their car in there. But as time passes by, some of them wind up parking outside instead. This led to the creation of the garaport — a custom-designed garage, carport, and shed. It is a multi-functional and space-saving structure that makes your outdoor space more flexible.

Here’s a perfect example of this structure:

Are you interested in building your own garaport? Here are the reasons why you should:

It extends your entertainment space

Building a garaport is an ideal solution for homeowners who want extended covered outdoor spaces. A well-shaded area like this is perfect for parties, because the guests can be left outside to hang around the BBQ grill, protected from the harsh sun or rain.

When there’s no party, you can stay here and relax outdoors.

It protects your assets

Having a garaport enables you to protect your car and your guest’s car; preventing weather damages and shielding it from bird droppings.

It offers extra parking space

When you have a garaport, you can store your car in the garage and allow your guests to park in the carpark. This way, they won’t park on the street.

It provides extra storage

Build this structure you can park your car safely under a carport and use your garage for storage.

In case you’re doing a garage sale, you can place the items for sale under the carport. Having a well-shaded store entices people to come in.

It saves money on construction

Building a garaport is quicker and more cost-efficient instead of building a separate garage, carport, and shed. You can potentially save money on construction.

In case you already have a garage, work with an expert designer if you plan to turn it into a garaport. Design one that matches with the existing structure.

Quality above everything else

When building a garaport, it is important to work with the best home designers, engineers, and builders. In Superdraft, we pledge to help you build your dream spaces seriously. It is our job to deliver and address your exact needs and complete projects to the highest standards.

Interested in building a garaport? Reach out to us here.


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