3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block

A sloping block gives you, your designers, and your builders a unique challenge, but you can overcome them all with the right split level home design.
3 Tips for Building Split Level Homes on a Sloping Block in Perth

Building homes on a sloping block is not easy. It presents unique challenges to you and your building designer. It pushes design teams to think outside the box and produce beautiful split level homes.

Why build split level homes on a sloping block?

Split level homes feature staggered floors which make them suitable on the hillsides.

Get a skilled designer to help you with this type of project because it is complicated. It is not recommended to purchase house plans online because these do not leave much room for variations. It would be best if you work with an expert in designing homes on terrains with steep slopes and produce a design that suits the site. Do this to maximise the use of space and to own a unique home that is well-oriented and takes advantage of daylight, natural ventilation, and the surroundings.

Also, building a home on a slope is more expensive than building on a flat land. To get the most of your money, here are the things you should do:

1. Engage your design professional early

Having a designer on your team from the onset drives the design process towards the right direction.

Start with an on-site design consultation. Call a building design company and schedule a meeting with a designer who is an expert in designing split level homes on sloping blocks. 

Great designers establish rapport and get to know all the crucial details they need for the project. They look into the complexity, shape, and steepness of the slope. They also find ways to give your future home interesting views. Above all, they make this complicated process easier for you.  

Here in Superdraft, we have hundreds of draftspeople and building designers, and we are proud to say that we have some of the nation’s most talented split level home designers in our team. Contact us today so we can introduce you to the pros located in your state. 

2. Use the slope to your advantage

All sloping blocks are different and present unique challenges. Budget is one of the most common concern because it is more expensive to build on a slope than on flat land.

If you don't want to blow your budget, speak to your designer about excavations and retaining walls because these two things are very expensive to do.

Retaining walls are rigid walls that keep the soil in place, creating a flat stable the area that is more suitable for building. These must be well-built and indestructible, or else it will fall over and destroy the entire structure.

Excavation happen when you need to dig and level the ground to build your foundation. It is expensive because you need to rent an excavator. Other factors such as the grade and soil conditions also affect the cost of construction.

To minimise the costs, talk to your designer about a home design that requires minimal excavation and fewer retaining walls.

Great designers respect the slope of the land and design structures that suit it without so much alteration. When you work alongside a skilled and talented designer throughout the process, the end product will be so much better than cookie cutter homes. The process is hard and complicated, but it will be well worth it.

3. There is so much potential in building a home on a slope

The perceived costs of a sloping block of land are lower than a flat one, and that makes it attractive to people who want to build a new home. However, you should know that the price of the building a house will be a little daunting even before you begin the process.

But, this shouldn’t discourage you. You should know that there are many design possibilities for a split level home. A designer can produce a clever house design which suits your lifestyle and addresses your family’s needs. You two can work together to create ingenious and innovative design possibilities.

To avoid going way over your budget, we highly recommend looking for design professionals who will listen to your ideas, give their advice, and help you create a beautiful, unique split level home where you and your family can thrive for many years to come. Working with the right professional will make this an exciting and rewarding experience (and a win-win situation) for you.

Contact our Brisbane-based building designers for more info.



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