Fascinating Facts About Building Underground Parking with Car Lifts

Before, only the homes in Australia’s wealthiest suburbs have secret parking spaces. Now, many new homes in areas near the central business districts feature it too.
underground car parking

Many architects and building designers in Australia are digging deep to create garages below ground level. They design underground parking with car lifts as part of high-end new homes in urban and rural suburbs. It is becoming more and more mainstream because space is a premium.

Why build a hidden parking space?

Underground parking frees up above ground, giving homeowners extra square footage for their outdoor living areas. It provides more room for relaxation and play.

When you're the type of homeowner who wants to use the front/backyard as space to get air and sunshine rather than as a parking space, then this might work for you.

With a hidden parking space, you can enjoy a bigger outdoor space that's perfect for social gatherings. You can host bigger barbecue parties at your place. You have room for more family and friends during the holidays. If you have kids, then the garden is their place to run around and play with other kids (or their pets).

How much is it going to cost?

It is difficult to quantify the required financial outlay since every project is different. Many factors can skyrocket the costs of construction. It is best to get multiple quotes from qualified building designers and structural engineers to assess the base budget and prepare a large contingency fund.


Take a good look at these example projects from IdealPark:

Hidden carpark

Hidden carpark

IdealPark's innovative car lift (model IP1-CM MOB) in action. It's an access to an underground multi-car garage. Photos by IdealPark

Factors to consider before digging for a hidden carport

We know that this is exciting. But, we highly suggest that you study the attainability of this project first before anyone starts digging. It is crucial to consider the site before excavation. You want an underground parking area that will be strong and stable for many years in the future.

To avoid future construction problems, consider these factors:

  1. Water ingress – Can water leak into a confined space? If it can, the underground parking space might get flooded.
  2. Water drainage Professionals need to figure out how to remove groundwater and stormwater to prevent flooding. 
  3. Excavation and soil disposal – Assess whether the machines needed during excavation can access the construction site. Make sure that there is a working disposal plan for the soil, stone, and other debris collected.
  4. Retaining walls with a waterproof membrane – Professionals need to find solutions to keep water out of your underground parking.

You also need to consider lighting and ventilation here. For renovators who want a basement parking, prepare for costly construction methods such as: 

  1. Shoring – It's when you build a structure that supports the main building so it won't collapse.
  2. Underpinning – It's when you strengthen and stabilise the foundation of the existing building to prevent deterioration.

It is more expensive to build a basement under an existing building. It is easier to build from the basement upwards.

Building an underground parking with car lifts

Consider an underground parking with a car lift whenever possible, especially when you plan to build your new home in medium to high-density residential areas with increasing land value. 

Are you one considering this design feature? If you are, then you will need experienced designers on your team. You need a reliable person who can work closely with surveyors, civil engineers, the local council, and the builders. 

Start by telling us about your new home project (and your vision). One of our design consultants will get in touch with you shortly and will provide you with a free, non-obligation quote. Also, we have architects and building designers based in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth, and the Gold Coast. We can provide our services across the country.

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