4 Cheap and Landlord-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Rental House

Renting and having a strict landlord shouldn’t keep you from having a beautiful home. Follow these tips and tricks to decorate your rental house or apartment on a budget.

So, you’ve moved into a rental. Millions of people in Australia rent homes and apartments like you. Most of them are in the CBDs, some are in the inner suburbs. Whether you plan to rent for a while or for several years, it’s important to make the place look yours. However, not owning the place means you have design restrictions. Your hands are tied. It isn’t wise to invest so much money on permanent features. You can’t do major changes either because that will you’ll break your lease. But don’t feel down… you have a few upgrades that you can do. Here are some affordable and landlord-friendly ways to decorate your rental house or apartment. Tip: Decorate your place with something that you can pack up with you when you move out. Go with non-permanent ways to improve your rental.

Under-cabinet lighting

Do you need to brighten your kitchen? Are your countertops a little dark? Instead of a major kitchen renovation, consider installing LED striplights under your cabinets.

Under-cabinet lighting is one of those kitchen trends that you can execute with a little budget and zero building experience. The results? An influx of light brightens a drab kitchen space.

Above all, LED striplights does not consume much electricity. You can buy them online and in brick & mortar stores.

Fuss-free plant displays

If you follow our Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll know how much we love plants. It’s a staple in our house designs.

For us, there is no better way to improve a home than filling it with living things. Apart from pets, you can also take care of plants. You can display them on your window sills or on your table. You can also use hanging planters, but avoid nailing them on your ceiling or walls. READ: 10 Ways to Display Plants in the Kitchen

Upgrade your light fixtures

You can do this, but don’t throw away the original light fixtures. You can also upgrade them in a creative way. Here, the designers attached recycled glass on the light fixture. Then, they grew hanging plants in the glass. 

Use stickers

Decorative stickers were invented for a reason. It helps renters decorate for less and in a non-permanent way.

The best part? There are tons of options and applications. There are stickers for your walls, stick-on sheets for your tables and counters, waterproof stickers for your bathroom, glass stick-on and more!

The trick to get the most out of your stickers is to apply them properly. Keep it clean, smooth, and avoid air bubbles. Of course, choose a sticker design that fits the room.

How do you plan to decorate your rental home or apartment?

The rental property is a responsibility of the owner and the renter. Both have the right to alter the space. The owner must do the major property changes to attract renters. The renter, on the other hand, must ensure the integrity of the property while staying there.

Do any of these ideas catch your eye? Or, do you have other landlord-friendly ways to decorate your rental? Share your tips for other renters in the comments!

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