27 March 2019

Check Out This Classy High-Gloss Bathroom

Dare to try this high-gloss bathroom design when there's no window and when space is limited.
Spacious, High-Gloss Bathroom

Dare to try this high-gloss bathroom design when there’s no window and when space is limited.  

Glossy tiles are an ideal choice to brighten up a dark, light-limited room. Shiny, light-reflecting beige tiles allow light to bounce back and forth. The reflection brightens the space. It opens up the bathroom and makes it look bigger. Now, this bathroom is pretty spacious. White tiles will only make them feel bigger and clinical. Beige tiles are perfect here. The colour adds warmth, and it pairs well with porcelain and chrome fixtures and fixtures. Also, the tiles aren’t plain. It features a design that hides water and soap stains. But, that’s not an excuse to skip cleaning. The surface of these tiles are smooth and slippery, so these are extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe the wall tiles using a small rug and clean the floor using a mop. The bathroom will be spotless and will look pristine in no time!

Where to use glossy tiles

Glossy tiles are great in walls. Only a few people try them on the floor because they are slippery when wet. It’s best to use anti-slip tiles on the floor to prevent accidents inside the bathroom.

Other notable design features:

  1. The rectangular mirror recessed above the pedestal sink. There’s enough shelf space in front of the mirror. it’s useful since the bathroom doesn’t have a vanity.
  2. The pedestal storage that fits perfectly under the sink. It’s a drawer, which is more accessible than a cabinet.
  3. An enclosed shower corner. It’s not in an awkward position. The doors never hit the toilet area when opened.
  4. The corner dedicated for laundry. This bathroom is spacious, so the homeowner may do laundry here.
  5. The modern wall flush button and the hidden light switches in the alcove.


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