Commercial fit-outs and corporate interiors: styles, trends, and tips

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commercial fit-outs

Employees are more productive when they are satisfied with their environment. A bland workplace can lead to employees who are uninspired and unproductive. If you want to create a corporate atmosphere that will impress not just your employees but your clients and business partners, you should invest in commercial fit-outs that suit your company’s image while inspiring employees to deliver their best each time they report for work. This article will show you some amazing commercial fit-outs to help you motivate employees and amaze your clients. 

Commercial fit-out ideas

Hybrid workspaces

As more companies shift towards flexible work arrangements, companies need to transform their offices to accommodate both in-office and work-from-home employees. Commercial fit-outs that make working on-site more comfortable for employees, like ergonomic chairs and workstations that promote collaboration, should be a priority for employers. 

With more employees working from home, companies should prioritize having facilities that managers can use to hold video conferences with remote employees. An ideal video conferencing room should have a strong and stable internet connection. It should have soundproofing to ensure meetings go smoothly. Video conferencing rooms should also have audio and video presentation equipment to make reporting easier. 

commercial fit-outs

Sustainable design

Sustainable practices have been gaining popularity for several years and will continue to be popular for companies. Commercial fit-outs that promote sustainability design can help make workplaces more comfortable while helping companies save money from utilities. 

Popular options include installing climate control systems to ensure that employees work in offices with an optimum temperature. LED lighting fixtures are also popular commercial fit-outs because they are brighter than incandescent lights while consuming less electricity. 

If you want to help conserve water, you can replace your office’s bathroom fixtures with those that use less water, like toilets with water-saving flushes or waterless urinals. You can also install energy-saving hand dryers to help your company save on paper towels. 

An expert interior designer can also incorporate biophilic design elements into offices to make them more eco-friendly. Design elements that use plants can help improve air quality in office spaces, especially those located in metropolitan areas. A talented draftsman can include planters into ledges or even on staircases to make an office more “green”. Aside from helping improve air quality, plants also have a calming effect on employees and looking at them can help employees prevent eye strain from constantly staring at computer screens. 

Find the ideal building designer for your project via Superdraft. We will match you with the right professional for your project based on your preferences.

commercial fit-outs
commercial fit-outs
minimalist office interior

Employee well-being

One of the things that the pandemic has brought into focus is the need to make workplaces healthier and safer for employees, and there are commercial fit-outs that can help you accomplish this. 

Consider using touchless technology to help prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. You can replace your old toilet faucets with touchless ones or replace doors that use door knobs with ones that open automatically using employee QR codes. This can help prevent employees from passing diseases to others. 

You should also consider adding shower rooms where employees can clean up if they want to hit a fitness centre before working. Shower rooms are also excellent for employees who ride their bikes to work as they can freshen up before clocking in. As more employees swap their cars for bicycles, you should also consider allocating more secure parking spaces for bicycles. 

Some offices already have fitness rooms, and you should consider constructing one if you don’t have one yet. Employees can work out during their break if they have limited time before or after office hours. Having a gym at the office can also be a perk to help you attract new talents to your company. 

For workstations, you can work with a building designer to create workstations that promote wellness. Consult an ergonomics expert to design workstations with just the right height to help employees maintain proper posture. This is also an excellent way of helping employees avoid problems with their spine that can lead to health issues and unplanned absences that might affect productivity. You can also have custom height-adjustable workstations that allow employees to work while standing to promote proper blood circulation. 

If you want to start your commercial fit-out project, feel free to sign up at Superdraft and get a free quote so you can gauge the budget you may require.

commercial fit-outs
office design
office interior

Tips for creating a productive workplace

Create a fun environment

A workplace that’s all work and no play is boring, so aim for an office where employees can have fun when needed. Most offices have game rooms where employees can relax and interact with other employees. You can stock your game room with console games, board games, pinball machines, arcade games, or mini basketball courts where employees can relax for a few minutes if they are feeling stressed. Having a game room is also an excellent way to promote camaraderie among employees belonging to different departments. 

Use colours that inspire productivity

Colours can affect the psychology of employees, and updating the colour scheme of your offices can help make employees more productive. Blues and greens are the best choices for colours that promote creativity and innovation. What’s excellent about blues and greens is that they are also relaxing colours, so they can help relieve stress and maintain a calm working environment. 

Although bright colours can make for an energetic environment, ensure that your colour scheme is playful but still evokes professionalism. One option is to use a neutral base like cream, white, or grey and use bright colour accents to give your offices some energy. 

Spaces that promote communication

Employees that work with friends are more satisfied, happier, and more productive, so more corporations are moving away from closed cubicles. You can opt for flexible office partitions that allow employees belonging to the same team or working on the same project to work together. Instead of private offices, you can hire a draftsman to design an open-plan workplace that encourages communication and a healthy exchange of ideas. 

You can also construct lounges or break rooms where employees can spend a few minutes to relax or gather their thoughts. When designing an employee lounge, use relaxing furniture and can help employees rest for a few minutes. This means replacing hard, metal furniture with plush and comfortable ones. 

Provide adequate storage spaces

Giving employees personal storage spaces should also be a priority for offices, and this can be in the form of locker areas where employees can safely leave their personal belongings. With their personal belongings secured in lockers, employees will have uncluttered workstations that can promote productivity. Clean and mess-free offices also look great when you have visitors like prospective business partners, clients, or investors. This also has the benefit of limiting distractions that might impede your employees’ productivity. 

Promote brand awareness

Proper branding is crucial in promoting your company and inspiring loyalty among employees, and you can reinforce your company’s brand through innovative design ideas. Work with a design expert to incorporate your company’s font and colours into your office design. You can also include your company’s design elements on your walls or ceilings by using the same colour scheme or incorporating your logo. 

Promoting brand awareness by incorporating it into your office design is also an excellent way of ensuring that you stand out in the minds of clients and investors. Aside from the earlier ideas, you can also try commissioning artwork like paintings or sculptures that promote your company. You can display these artworks in your company’s lobby where employees and visitors can appreciate them. You can also commission artworks that promote ideals and traits that you want others to associate with your company, like innovation, intelligence, honesty, or industry.

commercial fit-outs
commercial fit-outs
commercial fit-outs


If you want your employees to get excited to go to work each day, you need a corporate interior as well as other amenities to inspire employees to come to work. An ideal workplace allows employees to be productive while giving them proper avenues to relax and socialize with others. If your offices still look like every other office in your area, then now is the best time for renovations, and you need the best interior design expert to help you. 

Superdraft features thousands of building designers, draftsmen, and other renovation experts, who can help you transform your corporate offices into spaces that promote productivity and employee well-being. If you want to know how to convert your offices using commercial fit-outs, reach out to Superdraft today. We will give you a free design estimate so you can start transforming your offices to make them the best place for employees to work. We specialise in different types of commercial space renovations, such as conference rooms, pantry, kitchens, and even parking spots.

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