7 contemporary bathroom design features that are here to stay

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wooden vanity with rattan basket

Change is the only constant thing in design, and it’s fast and unpredictable! While 80's maximalism is trying to make a comeback in the interior design world, there still are different takes on contemporary bathroom design that are here to stay.

Here is our list of contemporary bathroom design trends worthy of your attention.

Showcase of colours

grunge dark blue wall with white accent in contemporary bathroom

This bathroom design sticks to the basic rules of contemporary style. Its grunge dark blue wall, which dominates the whole of the bathroom, is paired with a neutral shade of yellowish-brown on the floor and accents of wood on its simple and minimalist vanity. Such a wall accentuates the minimalist take of the design on the fixtures and accessories.

Take a look at this brilliant combination of purple textured walls, lavender basins, and a pop of canary on the double hanging vanity.

purple and canary contemporary bathroom design

Great and contemporary patterns

herringbone tile backsplash with floating cabinets on contemporary bathroom

The visual play of the herringbone tile backsplash is the most prominent feature of this bathroom design. The white quartz benchtop allows a shift in focus to the variety of colours and elements present. You may notice the under-mount sinks parallel to the double vanity and floating faucets. Meanwhile, the choice of unlacquered brass cabinet handles highlighted the taupe-coloured floating cabinets.

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Touch of wood in your contemporary bathroom

minimalist wood cabinets in white themed bathroom

This contemporary bathroom design has a balance between the purity of white colour interiors and the natural, comfortable touch of wood. The usage of wood in the floating vanity breaks the image of luxury of the white granite benchtop, coupled with a glass walk-in shower.

From rustic to minimalist, the choice of wood now seems to be an image of versatility in all aspects of home design.

Notice the wood wall panel in the eco-style bathroom below.

wood wall cladding for contemporary bathroom overlooking a scenery

Couple showers

double showers with half wall and glass divider

More than the spa-like experience, double showers are for couples who will appreciate the convenience of showering together. It gives a luxurious feel in your bathroom, as well.

This contemporary bathroom design has a half-wall and glass partition and brown decorative tiles which never go out of style.

Earthy tones for your bathroom design

brown decorative tiles with abstract design

The cottagecore or countrycore design did not just grace the design world; it also highlighted the use of earthy tones and the colours it complements with. Brown decorative tiles are just standard colours people pick for their bathroom walls. In this design, said tiles make a great pair with an abstract design mural with a muddy shade of brown. The large candles and the consistent use of white for the fixtures slew this design.

Floating cabinets

elegant bathroom with floating cabinets and vanity

The clean and fresh effect of the white walls coupled with the black mirror panels did not just exude elegance in this contemporary bathroom design. Along with the elegant tiles, the large horizontal vanity, and the brass faucet, the floating cabinets with the recessed centre panel did a fantastic job.

Apart from the design, this type of floating cabinet is wall-mounted. It also has a space underneath which is large enough for a trash bin, hamper, or other items that fit.

Skylighted bathroom

luxurious white bathroom with skylight

The skylight featured above washed the whole bathroom with light. It doesn’t just look stunning; it offers many benefits, too! They allow the bathroom to breathe, give natural lighting, make it spacious, and improve resale value.

The skylight in this design makes it possible to enjoy a warm, hot bath while basking in the sun. An evening bath guarantees a good view of the night sky, as well. On the left, you can also enjoy the picture-perfect scenery of the greens.

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