5 interesting cottagecore bathroom elements you need to know

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cottagecore bathroom with touch of boho

For a person who grew up and got used to living in the metro, the idea of settling in the countryside is both tempting and appealing. If you think about it, you can achieve the look and feel by starting with a cottagecore bathroom! This saves you the hassle of leaving your job and impractical relocation costs.

Here are five key elements to achieve the cottagecore bathroom look, for a more realistic feel of a rural and cozy chic lifestyle. If you want to know about them, read the article below.

Why cottagecore bathroom?

minimalist bathroom with stylish mirror

Imagine living in a cottage, waking up with animals, smelling the fresh scent of grass in the rolling fields; this is the rural life that most people aspire to be in. Cottagecore is a design style which features the elements of farm life and the deep appreciation of nature. This design makes it possible for you to achieve the look of a Pride and Prejudice movie right at your bathrooms.

The bathroom is the most essential part of a home. You wake up, you wash your face, you brush your teeth, and you shower. It may or may not be in the same order, but if you have a cottagecore bathroom, it’s basically waking up in the countryside. Achieving this look in your bathroom is the first and best step to create your long-desired cottagecore home.

How did cottagecore design become popular?

cozy bathroom with plants and handmade materials

Cottagecore designs have been popular from houses, dresses, furniture, decor, to even music! For instance, upon release of her album “Folklore” in 2020, country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift ranked as Australia's Most Streamed Artist Of The Year. It’s no wonder why cottagecore became a trend both in music and most especially in the interior design world.

Also called countrycore and farmcore, cottagecore garnered fame around the world for its traditional, rustic, nostalgic style, and cozy interior. Interior designers incorporate a modern and minimalist look to make a simple yet contemporary cottagecore bathroom.

Why do you want a cottagecore bathroom?

ceramic bathroom with lavatory and hanging cabinets

Trended during the COVID-19 pandemic, cottagecore showcases modern, busy people seeking simpler and happier lives from their stressful daily sweat and labour in the metro. This design is an escape to the realities of a technologically-advanced era, and a glorification of the slow living in the countryside. 

While it features a simple, soft, and peaceful living, it also emphasizes your desire of existing in a place where you can be who you want to be; where you can be yourself without pretensions; and where and how you can bring beauty to an almost perfect country theme.

To pique your interest, here are five beautiful elements your cottagecore bathroom should have.

  1. Vintage bathtubs aren’t so vintage

classic minimalist luxury bathtub

A big part of your cottagecore bathroom is a Victorian-inspired clawfoot tub. It has been a luxury item of the said era, wherein possessing one means you are of good social standing and of extreme wealth. Luckily, you can now buy one ranging from $1,000.00-$1,800.00*, depending on the specification of your tub.

You can pick between classic or single-ended, double-ended, slipper, and double slipper styles. Originally, clawfoot tubs were made with heavy cast iron but now they also come in different materials and finishes. Adding a faucet or tub fillers is also an option. 

*The figure above is an estimate only and is subject to changes.

2. Don’t forget the vanity mirrors

antique Georgian inspired carvings mirror

Since cottagecore is a stylish mix of a vintage lifestyle and modern design, you may not want to forget to top your bathroom with a perfect piece of vanity mirror. You may want to get an antique piece for it never goes out of style.

You may spot a cheval dressing mirror in your local thrift antique store, which is a freestanding type and has four legs. Georgian style mirrors with intricate carvings in its frame may be your best bet. Whichever piece you choose is nice, as long as it complements your overall design. You may want to hear from an interior design professional in finalizing finishes, choosing accessories, etc.

3. Make it handmade

reusable materials and utilities

It won’t be the perfect cottagecore bath space if there’s nothing handmade. Handmade pieces give the bathroom a nice, traditional touch of the countryside. You may opt for something knitted like toilet seat covers or rugs, embroidered textiles, pressed accessories, lace trimmings. A nice floral element or dried flower arrangement in a woven basket is something that you might not want to miss.

Scented candles give a nice look and aroma, too. The idea here is to make you feel at home, that’s why aside from the floral scents, you can actually pick sweet scents like honeysuckle or cinnamon. You may want to upscale your vision for your cottagecore bathroom with something that cannot be seen or touched, hence, aesthetic of smell. 

4. Wall it up

ceramic tiles on bathroom wall

Of course, it won’t give the cottagecore vibe without natural elements like wood, stone, or ceramic. Using ceramic tiles is a good choice as well as wood as they are water-repellent and mould resistant. You may opt for a wood wall cladding or panel. Aside from the benefits of using them, you can achieve the cottagecore interior you are aiming for.

Meanwhile, there are wallpapers that are resistant to moisture such as vinyl wallpapers. If you don’t like it, you can use any type of wallpaper and coat it with varnish just to be sure.

A floral wallpaper or a curtain give out the same vibe, too. If you like, you may pick earthy tones. You must remember that despite cottagecore’s flair for excess aesthetic, it would still be visually easy to complement, mix, and match.

That’s why it’s still safe to not go overboard with the colour, and stay with the neutrals. Subtle, pastel, and soft colors are our priority when it comes to colours to incorporate with the design. Also, don’t underestimate the power of white for your wall. After all, the goal here is to show a relaxed scene that you can enjoy while soaking in your clawfoot tub.

If you have doubts, you may consult experts in building design or interior design for your project.

5. Eco-friendly and cottagecore

ecofriendly bathroom utilities

Cottagecore, like modern minimalist designs, brings sustainability and aesthetic appeal.  This design also encourages the space to be in touch with tradition and nature. That’s why you need plenty of plants, eco-friendly bath and body products that you’ll decorate your bathroom space with. Hanging plants or whichever kind you prefer. You can use glass containers for your bamboo hair brush and toothbrush, bamboo or wood soap dish, and organic shampoo bars. After all, being one with nature is not just about the visual design but the functionality and sustainability of it.

Sustainable and beautiful

The key to getting this right lies in the details of your bathroom and how it looks and feels comfortable at the same time. This is where you need the help of an interior designer. This is when you’ll need Superdraft.

Sign up to our platform now and we’ll connect you with the best professionals suitable for your project. You may even bring your cottagecore floor plan to life, with our 3D visualization technology. 

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