Imagine life in this cosy apartment living room and kitchen

This compact apartment living room and kitchen are perfect for some alone time and a night in with friends.
Cozy Apartment Living Room and Kitchen

Living in a small home is not a horror, especially when it's got everything you need. Here, you will see a compact apartment living room and kitchen. These two areas play a part in a homeowner's personal and social life. That is why it's important to get the design of these areas right.

Perfect for socializing and alone time

The design of this small apartment's common areas is perfect for ‘me time'. It is simple and fuss-free. At the same time, this space provides enough room for socialization. The homeowner can entertain a few friends here. The scale of the furniture pieces is right. They are not too big and it's not too small for the available space. Also, the only important furniture pieces are in use. A few steps from the living room is the kitchen, which only fits one person. The design, particularly the layout is for one cook only. This is okay. Not everybody who visits your home wants to cook with you. But, they would love to eat a lovely meal with you.

Peninsula kitchen layout

A peninsula layout is any layout extended or improved through connecting an island. This is an L-shaped kitchen before the designers connected an island to add more workspace. The back to back countertop is useful to the cook. On one side, he/she prepares and cooks the meal. On the other side, he/she will plate the meal.

This design is perfect for everyday light cooking. For the countertop, the designers used high-pressure wood laminate. These are inexpensive but engineered to be resistant to wear, fire, and chemicals. Under the lovely countertop is streamlined custom cabinetry. It provides the right amount of storage and hides away the pots and pans.

Accessorize right

When the home is small, we got to be smart about how we decorate. Here, the designers used a cozy modular sofa that adjusts to your needs.

Instead of recessed ceiling lights, they used pendant lights. Light fixtures are decorative.

Finally, the floor-to-ceiling curtains soften the interiors. These also block the noon-time sun from entering the apartment.

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