How to create a comfortable kids bedroom

Designing a children’s bedroom is more than making it look cute and interesting
comfortable kids bedroom Check out this cute pink kids room for a little princess

Almost all the parents we've talked to in the past want to give each of their children a room of their own. How are they planning to make this happen? They either move into a bigger home or build a new home with three or more bedrooms. Here, let's talk about how you can turn one of those rooms into a comfortable kids' bedroom that your angels will enjoy.

Picking the bed

When shopping for a bed, choose one that suits their age and height. You have a lot of options when you shop online on retail stores like Harvey Norman, Pottery Barn Kids, IKEA, etc.

Six Easy Tips to Create a Comfortable Kids Bedroom

Got two toddlers sharing a room? Consider a bunk bed instead.

Apart from the bed frame, pay close attention to the mattress and the bedsheets that you plan to use. It is highly recommended to use a full latex mattress to keep the children safe from mites and bed bugs. Their mattress and bedsheets need to be cleaned regularly.


Lighting design is a crucial to any bedroom's design. Install general lighting to brighten the room uniformly. Then, use desk lamps to illuminate their study table where they do their educational play. Use accent lights as a night light.

Six Easy Tips to Create a Comfortable Kids Bedroom

Of course, harness natural lighting to reduce humidity and to save electricity during the day.


Ideally, your kid's bedroom must have an operable window that aids in natural ventilation.

Six Easy Tips to Create a Comfortable Kids Bedroom

Almost all bedrooms in today's homes are airconditioned to ensure the occupants' comfort. High-end thermostats, the ones used in many smart homes today, allow you to control the temperature and the humidity settings in all bedrooms.


Every kid's bedroom needs enough storage where they can stow away their toys and books. Provide boxes and open shelves where you can arrange their stuff to prevent their bedroom from looking too messy. Make the storage accessible, so you can train your children to tidy up their own toys.

Six Easy Tips to Create a Comfortable Kids Bedroom

Paint vs wallpaper

These two are the most popular and most cost-efficient materials to cover your bedroom walls.

If you prefer painting the walls, choose a finish that's easy to clean. Toddlers often scribble and doodle on the walls of their bedroom. You want to be able to clean their mess after, right?

If you choose wallpaper, choose something that your kids love and would stimulate their imagination.

Six Easy Tips to Create a Comfortable Kids Bedroom

Engage your kids in the design process

Young children like to get involved in stuff that you are doing. Involve them in the design process. Ask them what their favourite colour is. Ask them about their favourite character. Incorporate these tiny details in the design. For sure, your kids will feel delighted and more comfortable spending time in their rooms after the project.

Those are our tips for designing your kids' bedroom. As parents, we want to give them the best things in life. A cozy bedroom is just the beginning, and this can surely have a positive impact on their growth and development.

Need help in designing a kids' bedroom in your house?

Designing and decorating your kids' bedrooms are more than making it cute and interesting. It is about keeping them safe, relaxed, and comfortable in their own space.

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