Everything you need to know when creating an Aussie Hamptons style kitchen

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hamptons dining area with victorian accents
image credit: Out East

A Hamptons style kitchen has been one of the most in-demand kitchen styles for centuries, and for good reasons.

It's the closest thing to having an ocean-front kitchen because of its coastal design elements and overall soothing vibe. It also looks elegant and complements both modern and traditional home interior designs—making it timeless. So, If you're tired of the hustle and bustle of inner-city life, remodelling your cooking space to a Hamptons style kitchen is a great way to get that calm and carefree feeling every day.

In this article, we'll help you design a Hamptons kitchen and showcase some inspiring design ideas that you can steal for your kitchen renovation project.

First, let's get our definitions in order.

What is Hamptons style?

The Hamptons is a famous region in Long Island, New York, dotted by the rich and famous beachfront estates. Because of this association with the beach and luxury, a Hamptons-style kitchen exudes sophistication and elegance while retaining a rustic and calm atmosphere.

The Hamptons style is popular in Australia because of many similarities that Australia and the original Hamptons share, such as plenty of sun and glorious beaches. A Hamptons-style house is welcoming and suitable for both indoor and outdoor entertainment, which Australians love.

classic hamptons style kitchen
Images from: Sydney Wide Kitchens, TLC Interiors, The Maker Designer Kitchens


Must-have elements when creating a Hamptons style kitchen

Light, airy, and clean colour palette

Hamptons kitchen is known for its clean, light, and airy vibe. Cool whites and light neutral shades are crucial base colours when creating a Hamptons style cooking-slash-dining space. While white is the most dominant shade for this type of kitchen, you can also use accents of icy blues, pale greens, or ash grey to provide contrast and personality to the area.

hamptons kitchen and dining area with grey colour palette
Image credit: HouseandHome.com
hamptons kitchen with light green accents
Image credit: Maria Killam, designer/Tracey Ayton, photographer
cooking and dining space with blue accents
image credit: Meagan Rae Interiors

Open layout

An open layout can help you achieve an authentic Hamptons style kitchen because it gives a more relaxed vibe than a kitchen layout with dividers and walls.

Don't worry if you have a cramped kitchen because you can still make it an Aussie Hamptons style cookroom by repainting it white. You can also use mirrors and light fixtures to make it look bright and airy without feeling crowded.

hamptons kitchen and dining with open layout
Image credit: kitchenbathdesign.com

Timber flooring

If you want your Hamptons kitchen to shine, you need to invest in natural timber floorboards. Weathered timber will look great on your kitchen and will give your kitchen a more natural look. If you want to splurge, go for a classic herringbone pattern flooring in light colours. 

Don't get disheartened if natural timber flooring is not an option for you because you can still achieve that Hamptons look using affordable engineered floating floorboards or vinyl flooring. Tip: get them in a weathered timber look that goes well with a Hamptons style.

dining and kitchen space with timber flooring
Image credit: customhomesonline.com.au

Natural stone benchtop

Island bench and benchtops made of natural stones (like granite and marble) can be a great addition to your Hamptons style kitchen because they can add a classic-slash-elegant vibe. Natural stones are quite expensive, so be sure to keep your granite or marble benchtop protected from harsh chemicals and cleaning solutions to avoid damaging such costly kitchen pieces.

If you want a budget-friendly alternative to a high-priced natural stone, a Caesarstone benchtop is an excellent and durable choice. Caesarstone benchtops come in a wide variety of design and colour choices but be sure to choose one that goes well with your selection of flooring and cabinetry.

natural stone kitchen benchtop
image credit: Caesarstone

You can also try AC Stone‘s natural stone alternatives. They are quite popular for their top-notch quartz (man-made) benchtops and surfaces that look as elegant as real stone surfaces.

homey kitchen with natural stone benchtop
image credit: AC Stone Group

White cabinetry and doors

White cabinetry is a staple in Hamptons kitchens. White reflects light, which can make your space look extra open. The more open it appears, the more relaxing, airy, and coastal it feels. 

If your kitchen has access to your utility area or your backyard, you can use white doors that match your cabinets to give your space a more streamlined look. Classic white shaker door designs are always in. You can also opt for white doors with clear glass.

If you wish to deviate from the classic Hamptons kitchen design a bit, use the colour blocking technique. Opt for a feature island in colours such as dusty blue, sage green, pale grey, or navy to create a contrast from the white cabinets and doors.

all-white kitchen with white cabinetry and benchtop
image credit: Project Floors and Design
classic white kitchen with glass doors
Image credit: makingsfinekitchens.com


When it comes to kitchen tapware, be sure to choose fixtures that match the metal finishes of your cabinetry for a unified look. If you are going for a rustic look, a farmhouse-style sink is an excellent choice with its oversized proportions. An under-mount basin is a perfect option for understated elegance because it doesn't draw too much attention and instead allows your cabinetry and fittings to shine.

For tapware finishes, those in traditional style and brushed nickel look well in a Hamptons style kitchen. You can also install modern style tapware, but select those in simple and muted brushed finish.

kitchen with minimalist tapware
Image credit: ABI Interiors


Classic and ornate knobs and handles are popular in Hamptons kitchens because they can lend elegance to plain and straightforward cabinets. Brass and brushed nickel kitchen handles come in a wide variety of designs, and you can easily find a design that will go well without your kitchen's overall look. 


Lantern-style lighting fixtures in brushed nickel, matte chrome, or stainless-steel finish are popular choices for Hamptons style kitchens. Try going for dark colour pendant lights to provide a bold contrast to light-coloured walls, cabinets, and surfaces.

cute native kitchen lightings
Image credit: Fat Shack Vintage


See that you get classic bar stools for your cooking space as they can contribute to the laid-back atmosphere of a Hamptons style kitchen. Although white wooden stools are the most common choices for breakfast islands, you can go for natural wood or metal barstools, depending on what will go well with your floors and fixtures.

farmhouse-like kitchen with wood barstools
Image credit: BJF Joinery

Coastal-inspired styling

Hamptons kitchens take inspiration from beachfront estates, and it is only natural to use coastal-inspired furniture to achieve this style. You can use wicker baskets as kitchen storage to give your kitchen a relaxed coastal feel. You can also go for cane or rattan bar stools if you want to veer away from the usual wooden bar stools.

coastal-like dining kitchen area with coastal design elements
image credit: AGK Design Studio


Tips when making Hamptons style kitchen

Allow more natural light

A Hamptons style kitchen should remind you of bright summer days, and the easiest way to achieve this is through a generous amount of natural light you can get by adding large windows. These windows don't need to be plain. You can use grid-patterned windows to add design to them without obstructing the flow of natural light.

Maintain a relaxed vibe

A relaxed vibe is vital to a Hamptons kitchen, and using light and relaxing colours will help you achieve this vibe. Use white kitchen splashback to make your kitchen more inviting. Decors and storage racks made from reclaimed wood and stone can provide a relaxing contrast to modern fixtures.

Take inspiration from nature

Think of summer colours when selecting fixtures and furniture to give your kitchen a relaxing coastal vibe. Seaside colours like greens, blues, and sandy beiges are excellent for storage jars, spice racks, or kitchen tools.

Key layout and design features 

Here are some floor plans and layout options for Hamptons kitchens:

kitchen hamptons style floor layout
hamptons kitche floor plan design
open plan hamptons kitchen floor plan

Reasons to opt for a Hamptons style kitchen

Easily cleanable – The overall simplicity of Hamptons kitchen makes it easily cleanable as there are no unnecessary design elements that can only clutter up the space.

Looks relaxing, fresh and inviting, timeless design – Hamptons kitchen's clean and refreshing look is key to its timeless beauty and appeal. The simplicity gives it a modern vibe, while the coastal design elements give it a laid-back ambience. It's like your piece of paradise in the city.

Great for socializing – Hamptons kitchens usually have open layouts, making them great for socializing with friends and family. You can prepare meals while friends and family lounge in the dining and living area to watch movies or play games.

If you can, add a panoramic window that you can open to create an indoor-outdoor kitchen space. Place a benchtop surface and some bar stools outside so you can entertain guests alfresco style.

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