13 September 2018

Current Office Design Ideas for Small Offices

Read the second part of our 2019 office design trends blog.
Current Office Design Ideas for Small Offices

Our workplace design blog aims to tackle the macro and micro trends in office design. On the first half of this series, we talked about the long-term office designs. Those require strict planning — and a huge budget. Here, we’ll focus on the quick and easy office revamp that you can do. You don’t need millions to make these office design ideas for small offices happen:  

Moss Walls

The demand for green walls for commercial spaces has increased in 2018. However, not all of the offices who want them can have them. There are unforeseen circumstances such as inadequate light source, unfit irrigation, lack of budget, and conflicts in the property contract.  

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For those who can’t have living green walls in their offices, moss walls are the perfect alternative. These have been available to many commercial applications. You can use it to enhance your office signage, to create large-scale accent walls, and to heighten the office interiors. 

Why consider moss walls?

  1. These are versatile design features.
  2. It can survive in areas with low to zero source of natural light.
  3. They are easy to maintain.
  4. And, they are more affordable compared to living green walls.

Most businesses who want to install moss walls in their office go with preserved panels with species like Reindeer moss, Sheet moss, and Mood moss. Panels may have ferns, aerial plants, and wood too.

Geometric and abstract decor

No more plain and serious-looking interiors. By 2019, more businesses will embrace graphic, geometric, and abstract designs. The areas that used to be simple will transform into a creative space. We’ll see a decent amount of it in hallways, meeting rooms, kitchens, and lobbies.  

Businesses have personalities which they channel through their office design. The design communicates the company culture to everyone who comes in the office — from clients, applicants, and current employees. Graphic, geometric, and abstract designs are fun. Thus, it helps turn a regular office into a happy and productive place

Locally-sourced decor

Welcome to the era of handcrafted, artisanal, locally-sourced, and fair trade economy. For the last two years, the Australian government encourages companies to participate in the fair trade economy. You can buy office essentials and outsource services from small businesses, local artists, and designers.

This local sustainability initiative will grow further in 2019. We’ll see a lot more unique, organic, and Earthy decor in the office.

Greenery and eco-friendliness

In 2019, more companies will launch green initiatives and sustainability efforts. Apart from saving Mother Earth, being environmentally-friendly is beneficial to their brand.

Consumers demand corporate social responsibility. They favour brands who do something for the environment rather than those who do nothing. Apart from a significant increase in profits, they view your business as an innovative brand.

At the same time, providing your employees with a green workplace is good for their health. Because they contain fewer chemicals, eco-friendly building products and cleaning materials help employees who suffer from allergies and respiratory illnesses. Keeping your employees’ healthy results in fewer absences and higher productivity. 

How to ‘go green’

The easiest way to associate your brand with environmental activism is through your office design and practices. Consider using greenery like green walls and plants to accentuate various areas in your workplace. Apart from that, you can:

  1. Furnish your office with sustainably-sourced materials.
  2. Use natural building materials such as wood, stone, clay, etc.
  3. And, hire a designer who can help you build a biophilic office.

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