2018 bathroom trend: create your own day spa bathroom

Here's how to create a bathroom where you can truly unwind and relax.

There’s nothing better than a trip to the spa after a long and tiring workday. The quick escape, calmness, and relaxation. Now, think about experiencing that kind of personal revival every day, when you get home to your own day spa bathroom.

Fun, right? 🙂

Here’s how you can create a bathroom where you can truly unwind and relax:

Day Spa Bathroom basics

Spa Bathroom design

A day spa bathroom celebrates your health and wellness. These simple touches will transform your bathroom into a sanctuary:
Install understated tapware. Tapware is a worthy investment to spend on. Purchase the best quality and timeless pieces that you can find.
Make the tub your focal point. Splurge on it. A freestanding bath helps achieve the day spa feel.  
Lay relaxed-looking tiles. Go for solid, patterned tiles with little movements for the floors. You can use mosaic tiles for the counters and splashbacks.
Display timber elements. Whether natural or stained, timber brings warmth to the bathroom. It works well with materials with a porcelain, stone, and silver finish.
Finish it with a touch of green. Green foliage gives the space a dose of freshness. Greenery adds tranquillity to the bathroom.
Most importantly, avoid clutter. A clean and organized bathroom will be as relaxing as an expensive spa.

Deluxe Day Spa

Spa Bathroom design

Follow a muted colour palette. It helps set a relaxing mood. The more neutrals, the better. Apart from the colours, choose natural materials with soothing surfaces. These will ease your eyes.
Celebrate contrasting texture. Keep it interesting by mixing and matching strong surfaces with the smoother and fluid ones. Create a tactile paradise that’s rich in texture and materials.
Buy toiletries in organic shapes. Round and oval-shaped toilets, sinks, and tubs compliments the day spa theme that you aim for. Stick with the theme.
Display accessories found in a day spa. Purchase candles, body soaps, bottled body wash, and essential oils. Put them in lovely containers and place it on top of the vanity and on the shelves. Indulge your senses using the decor you bought.

Bathroom renovation is a long-term investment. It costs a fortune! That means you have to ensure that you’re spending your hard-earned money on the right things and services. Work with our building designers and also, read our latest guide on bathroom renovations that helps you design an ambient bathroom at home. 

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