Types of deck enclosures and legal requirements in enclosing a deck

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Decks are great additions to houses because they increase a property’s value and are useful to homeowners. Decks increase the usable space of a house and although this is an excellent reason for having a deck, there are still ways to maximise your deck. One of the best ways to fully enjoy your deck is by enclosing it. This article will tell you everything you need to know about deck enclosures and what you need to do if you want to enclose your deck.

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Benefits of deck enclosures

There are many reasons why your next outdoor renovation project should include enclosing your deck and here are just a few of them: 

  • Increases your usable space – An enclosed deck increases the liveable space in your house, making it an excellent project if you have a growing family. You can use the enclosed area as an outdoor dining area or convert it into an outdoor living room. 
  • Can help your family stay healthy – Sunlight is great for your health in moderation and an enclosed deck is an amazing place to get enough sunlight without overdoing it. You can set up a sofa on your enclosed deck so you can soak up sunlight while enjoying your favourite book. 
  • Can help you save money – Since it draws more natural light, an enclosed deck is a perfect place for daytime activities like your children doing their schoolwork or spending quality time with your kids. A bright enclosed deck means you don’t need to turn on electric lights so you can reduce your electrical consumption. If you have a screen enclosure that lets in more fresh air, you can conserve electricity because you have a cool place to spend hot summer days without cranking up your AC. 
  • Enhances privacy – An enclosure shields you from the prying eyes of neighbours and the loud noises coming from the street so you can enjoy your yard in peace.
  • Additional protection – A deck enclosure provides an additional layer of protection for your family. It can also help keep out pests, rodents, and other small animals. 
  • Protects your furniture – Prolonged exposure to the elements can destroy your furniture, and an enclosure is an excellent way of preserving your furniture and shielding them from damage. It also eliminates the need to bring in cushions and upholstered furniture whenever it rains. 
  • Improves your house exterior – Installing an enclosure can work wonders when it comes to improving how your house looks. It is also cost-effective because you don’t need to resort to costly renovations to improve how your house looks. It can also add value to your house if you are renovating for profit and planning to sell or rent out your home.

Types of deck enclosures

Learning about the different types of deck enclosures can help you choose a type that will work best for you and serve your family’s needs. Here are some of the most common types of deck enclosures:

Screen enclosures

This is the most common type of enclosure and uses an aluminium screen mesh. A screen enclosure is excellent in letting more air in which is why this type is common in beach houses. This type of enclosure also does an excellent job of keeping bugs away, making it a great option if you live near the woods or if you have a lush garden or backyard.

Although screen enclosures are excellent for improving ventilation, they might not be the best choice if you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures during winter because the screen won’t protect your family from winter chills. Screen enclosures are also challenging to maintain because they trap dirt and dust. 

Glass enclosures

When you use glass to enclose your deck, you end up with a sunroom that’s great for letting in an abundance of natural light. This is an excellent alternative if you want to bask in sunlight during the early mornings while having breakfast. Glass enclosures offer an unobstructed view of your yard or nearby landscapes. 

A glass-enclosed deck also offers limitless possibilities when it comes to design options making it ideal for a wide variety of house styles. You can work with a building designer to develop a style or design that will highlight your beautiful deck. Glass enclosures are easier to clean than screen enclosures but dirt and dust are more noticeable against the glass so be sure to clean it regularly. 

Glass deck enclosures are more expensive compared to screen enclosures. Be prepared to shell out more money if you are going for a frameless glass deck enclosure. Although glass deck enclosures look amazing, they are prone to shattering so they might not last as long as screen enclosures. A glass deck enclosure is also not ideal if you live in a hot or humid area because they don’t allow air in so it can get hot inside a sunroom.  

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Vinyl enclosures

Just like glass enclosures, vinyl enclosures are excellent if you want a warm and dry area on your deck. A vinyl enclosure can protect you from sudden rains but it cannot protect you completely from snow or heavy rains.

What’s great about vinyl is you can install it yourself if you want to save some money on labour costs. They usually come mounted in frames which makes installation easy. If you want a unique shape or style for your deck, you can get in touch with an enclosure company about getting a custom-built enclosure.

Aluminium enclosures

If you want a deck enclosure that offers the fantastic view of a glass enclosure but is sturdier, an aluminium enclosure is what you need. Enclosure companies sell framed walls and roofs so you can easily install the aluminium enclosure. The panels of aluminium enclosures snap firmly together to provide you with a weather-proof roof and walls.

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Legal requirements when enclosing a deck

Before you start enclosing your deck, there are government requirements you need to comply with to avoid penalties or installation delays. However, if the enclosed area won’t take up more than five square metres then there is no need to secure a building consent. Be sure to consult your local council to get a better idea of the requirements for a deck enclosure project because different states and local councils have different rules and regulations. 

One of the things you need to prepare is a detailed drawing of your planned deck enclosure so you need to get in touch with an architect or a draftsman who can provide you with the needed drawing that you will submit to your local council. Aside from providing you with the drawing requirements, they can also provide you with input on how to improve your enclosed deck. 

If you are planning to add electrical circuits to your enclosed deck then be sure to secure the required permit. Some project consultants include the cost of securing permits so you can save time while ensuring that you have all the permits needed for your outdoor renovation project. Project consultants, building designers, and draftsmen can also give you advice on where to quality materials at reasonable prices. 

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Constructing an enclosed deck is an excellent outdoor renovation project because of the many benefits it offers. An enclosed deck can give your more usable space while increasing the value of your home. A deck enclosure can also make your deck usable during the winter because it lets you use the deck while shielding you from the freezing winter air. It also gives you an extra layer of protection not just from burglars but from rodents, insects, and pests. 

All of these benefits make an enclosed deck a worthy home renovation project. If you want to reap all of these benefits, start planning your deck enclosure and get a free quote for your project today. 

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