Short on space? Here's how to make your small kitchen sizzle

When you are short on space, it's time to get creative.
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Not all homes have the space for a large, open-plan space. If you only have the space and budget for a small kitchen renovation, you need a clever designer who can help you make the space look bigger and better. 

Here are the things we do to create a small kitchen that works like a dream: 

To maximise your space and have plenty of storage in a small kitchen:

Install a combination of top cupboards and open shelves so you have plenty of room to store your cooking and pantry essentials. Organise the contents of your open shelves using matching jars, containers, baskets, etc. 

A mix of shelves and cabinets looks less cluttered and is more functional than bare walls:

small kitchen

To maximise the storage space:

There are many super clever storage solutions to help you maximise storage space. Think of slim and vertical drawers, carousels for corner cabinets, deep drawers with special compartments, etc.

Adding these special kitchen features will make your kitchen renovation a bit more expensive, but it’s worth spending extra to get tailored and efficient storage solutions. 

small kitchen

small kitchen

To make the kitchen look bigger: 

Mirrors and glossy surfaces give the illusion of space. Consider installing a mirror splashback to visually double the size of your kitchen. Take cues from the kitchen below:

small kitchen

Apart from mirror splashbacks, surfaces that reflect light such as glossy wall tiles, glass splashback, glossy cabinets, polished stone benchtop, or polished floors look great in tiny kitchens too. 

To keep the kitchen vibrant and open: 

Avoid installing dark-coloured cabinets and benchtop in a tiny kitchen. These will only make the area smaller. 

Opt for light, neutral colours. When in doubt, take cues from beach-style or Hamptons-style kitchens. Both favours pale colour schemes and blonde timbers. 

If you really want that dark luxurious benchtop, make sure there’s a source of natural light. It could be a window, glass doors, or skylight. Here’s a kitchen with a window that brightens the benchtop: 

To make sure you have everything you need:

Many appliance manufacturers offer compact solutions such as 550mm wide refrigerators, 300mm wide cooktops, slim dishwashers, mini microwaves, etc.

Invest in high-quality but space-saving appliances to make sure you have everything you need in your kitchen.

Lastly, to keep it clutter-free:

A cramped space feels more claustrophobic when there’s a lot of unnecessary clutter. When you don’t have enough bench space, hide things like the kettle, toaster, blender, in one of the cupboards. 

Here in Superdraft, our designers have all the skills and talent to confidently design and plan a brand new kitchen for you. If you are a first-time homeowner or renovator, we can guide you throughout planning and construction as well. Get a free quote today.

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