Our design experts share 10 tips for an ergonomic bathroom

Weave in these ergonomic design considerations to achieve a bathroom that boasts form and function.

Good design is the marriage of aesthetically pleasing features and ergonomics. The latter element makes all the difference, but it's the one that a lot of people disregard. In this article, we're going to give 10 tips to help you design an ergonomic bathroom. These will help you and other occupants move around and use the bathroom efficiently.

Here are a couple of tips to consider when planning your bathroom:

Increase the height of the vanity

People are getting taller but the standard height of bathroom vanities remain at 850mm. If you’re having a recessed sink, consider raising the height of your vanity up to 1000mm. to make it more comfortable. 

10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom

If you’re opting for a mounted sink, think twice about raising the vanity’s height. The additional height of the basin might make the vanity uncomfortable to use.

It’s still best to base the measurements on the height of the occupants. Determine the best height and angle for handwashing for all the adults in the house. Let small children use a footstool when they’re having a hard time reaching the vanity and using the bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Mind the position of your tapware

Most ergonomic bathroom designs have shower taps installed right under the shower. Yes, the taps are within reach, but it puts you under a shower of hot or freezing water. It’s not good because people tend to squeeze themselves to the side to avoid being shocked by the drizzle. Alternatively, you can install your shower taps on a wall facing the shower. In this bathroom, the designers installed the shower taps near the entrance. You can't get wet from here therefore you can test the water’s temperature first before you shower.

10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom
Also, avoid placing the shower taps behind a fixed divider. It’s awkward to reach out behind a screen every time you turn the shower on or off.

Keep towel rails within reach

Accidents might happen when you fail to contain the wet zones in your bathroom. Avoid slips and skids by keeping your towel rails within reach of your shower and tub. Place it near the entrance/exit of the shower/tub, close enough for you to grab, but far enough to keep it dry.

10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom
Superdraft tip: Explore different towel rack, holder, ladder, and hook designs. Use the one which doesn’t clash with your overall bathroom design.

Place the toilet roll holder near the toilet

Don’t stress yourself while pooping! Position your toilet paper holder beside the toilet for an easy reach.

Leave enough room between the sink rim and spout

Do not pair a long tap with a short sink. It’s recommended to leave at least one head-length between the spout of your tap and the rim of the sink. This is to avoid accidents such as knocking your head on the tap and splashing your clothes with water.

Consider recessed storage above the sink

A lot of people also inadvertently bump their heads to open wall-mounted cupboards. One way to avoid this is to design recessed wall storage above the sink. This gives you plenty of clearance when using the vanity.

In this bathroom, the designers built recessed wall storage and installed cupboards above it. Cupboards mounted on a height higher than your head is safer.

10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom

You can also swap the single-hinged doors of your cupboards with sliding ones. Sliding doors are huge space savers too!

Build drawers, not cupboards

This clever trick is not limited to the kitchen and laundry rooms. You can employ this in the bathroom too!

Instead of a cabinet, build a set of drawers of various depths. It’s easier to store and look for things inside a drawer than a cabinet. Execute this tip and you won’t crouch and grope inside the cupboard anymore! Make sure that the materials you use to build your storage can cope with a room with high humidity.

Make room for a seating area

Seating can be freestanding or integrated with the layout. A seat inside the shower will cut the amount of time you stand while bathing, easing your muscles from strains. It also decreases the chances of slips, falls, and other accidents. Use waterproof seat cushions to protect your body from the hard, cold surface.

10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom

Source:  interiorcollective.com

Apart from being a place to sit, a bench can also hold potted plants, scented candles, and other decorations.

Design an easy to clean bathroom

An ergonomic bathroom is easy to use and clean. Use building materials and fixtures with surfaces that you can effortlessly wipe clean. You will save lots of time and energy because you don’t have to scrub the floor, walls, and appliances to clean it.

Install heaters

Heaters make the bathroom more comfortable as it warms the room when your body needs it. Consider installing bathroom heat lamps and under-floor heating. Heated towel rails are great too, especially if you need to dry your towels quickly.
10 Tips for an Ergonomic Bathroom

Source: wearefound.com

While it’s helpful to have space heating appliances, we don’t recommend using them all the time as it can spike your electricity bills. Turn it on only when needed.

So, which part of your bathroom needs a change? We'd gladly help you implement these ergonomic bathroom designs. Talk to a Brisbane building designer about your bathroom project.

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