9 Ways to Add a Touch of Mid-Century Modern Style to Your Home

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mid-century modern house

In the previous blog, we explained the popularity of having a mid-century modern house in Australia. The clean lines, organic curves, retro furniture, and effortless style continue to appeal to today’s homeowners.

It’s a timeless space that you can create for a low cost.  

Have you been dreaming of a grand makeover to achieve this look? Here’s how to add a touch of Mid-century style to your home: 

1. Celebrate simple lines, form, and function

Remember that one of the distinguishing features of the mid-century modern style is minimal accessories. If you’re going to decorate, choose sleek pieces that have a function. Opt for a classic, understated, and fuss-free look. Here, we adorned a golden table with a glass jar, flowers, and tubular brass candle holders. Instead of wood, we used metal elements to give this living room a hint of Earth.

2. Hunt down 50s and 60s-inspired furniture and decor

Think of tall floor lamps, drinks cabinets, butterfly chairs, and wooden furniture. You can find lots of vintage furniture for sale online and in physical stores. If you're looking for new mid-century modern furniture, shop in Ikea and other similar brick and mortar stores. If you're after second-hand pieces, go to antique shops and yard sales.

3. Inject a small amount of pattern in the room

Putting a graphic pattern on your walls or fabrics can make the room more interesting. In this bedroom, the designers hung curtains with subtle geometric patterns against the windows. It pairs well with the light grey walls and doesn't overpower the wooden elements in the room.

4. Invest in a designer furniture

You can spend money to buy a beautiful leather Eames chair or an original Ercol sofa. But, these pieces aren’t required to get an authentic mid-century look.  

You can create a mid-century modern interior with a few pieces from Ikea, second-hand shops, and vintage fairs. Chances are, you might find a copy/adaptation of iconic pieces from the 50s and 60s and buy them at a lower price. 

5. Then, make it the statement piece in a room

Let’s say you bought an authentic Eames lounge chair and a couple of Ercol dining chairs. These are very expensive designer furniture and deserve to be noticed in the room, right?

To do that, you have to make these chairs the statement piece in the room where you put them. Position them strategically in place and build around it. Avoid too many strong patterns. And, follow a colour palette.

6. Keep your interior design chic and sleek

… because a mid-century modern room should feel relaxing and stylish at the same time.

7. Go for low furniture

The louche lines that you get from a low-slung sofa and a low coffee table will give the illusion of a larger, more spacious room. But, for this to happen, you need to something tall like an arc lamp or an indoor plant to provide some contrast. Do not be afraid of using furniture pieces of different heights!

8. Forgo bright colours in favour of neutrals

But, pop striking colours in areas that follow a neutral colour palette. The bright coloured door of this grey house made a difference, didn't it?

9. Sweat the details

A room is never complete without a few accessories as finishing touches. You only need a few decor pieces in mid-century modern interiors, so display something that is important to you. And, eliminate any clutter in sight. Liked this article? Share them with your friends online! Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram too.

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