Designer tips on when to use shower doors and shower curtains

Shower doors and shower curtains are great bathroom design solutions. But, what’s the best time to choose one over the other?
Designer Tips on When to Use Shower Doors and Shower Curtains

It’s not the end of the world when you don’t have room and budget for a separate shower and tub. You can combine them. That way, you don’t need to give up one for the other. But, how do you plan to enclose it? Are you gravitating towards using a waterproof fabric that’s affordable and replaceable? Or, are you opting for a sheer pane of glass? If you’re stuck choosing between shower doors and shower curtains, read this blog. We pointed out the benefits of shower curtains and glass dividers and when it’s best to use one

When to use glass shower screens

If you want a fully enclosed shower in a small bathroom

In this designer bathroom, the glass screen blocks the water and keeps the bathroom floor dry. It’s a sliding glass door, hence it doesn’t eat valuable space. If the designer used a door that opens outward, using the toilet will be awkward.

When you have a sloping ceiling

Angled and sloping ceilings look nicer when you use a transparent glass panel. In this bathroom, the designer used an ordinary glass shower screen to bound the shower-bath combo.

Tip: You can order a custom glass panel to enclose a shower-tub combo like this to make it 100% splash-proof. It’s a little expensive, but it’s worth it. 🙂

When you make your bathroom visually large

In compact bathrooms, it’s best to use a thin and fixed glass panel to separate the tub and shower. Curtains and bulky sliding doors (especially when opaque or translucent) break the area and visually cramp up the room.

When the decor is too much

In this bathroom, the designer laid multicoloured mosaic tiles on the shower walls and vanity splashback. As you can see, the pattern is busy. When there’s a lot going on in your bathroom decor, we recommend using a plain, transparent glass sheet as a divider.

Tip: Opt for glass that’s coated to protect it against dirt and limescale. A coated class is a little more expensive but it’s easier to clean.

When it’s awkward to use a curtain

With a shower curtain, you have no other way to enter/exit the shower other than pulling and dragging the curtain.

When you choose shower doors, you choose from many configurations: hinged, sliding, concertina. You can go with something that doesn’t look awkward when in use and when not in use.

When to use shower curtains

When you don’t want a sterile bathroom look

Shower curtains tend to soften a bathroom’s look. Curtains are great when you feel like the bathroom interiors are too simple, cold, or straightforward. The curtain will add some interesting curves to it. Just look at this floor-to-ceiling shower curtain. See how it eases your eyes and makes this bath truly relaxing?

Tip: Use washable shower curtains. Try to avoid plastic ones that tear easily.

When you want to add something funky

Curtains come in a variety of colours, patterns, prints, and designs. You’re free to change it anytime you want. Also, changing it doesn’t require much time, effort, and money.

In this bathroom, the designer used a silky shower curtain which contrasts the brick walls of the bathroom. The difference in texture creates an interesting visual. Do the same thing — go bold.

When you have a standalone bathtub + shower combo

If you own a roll-top bath with a fitted rainshower like the one above, consider a shower curtain. Glass panels won’t work here because of the curves unless you design a custom glass enclosure. Use a heavy-duty waterproof shower curtain and attach it to a ceiling-mounted rail. Sweep the curtain all the way around the tub.

When you want something pretty

Here’s something new. Imagine the curtains around the bed? Put a similar one around the tub. It’s cute, unique, and pretty. If you fancy a warm soak over a shower, this design might work for you.

When you want something chic

Curtains aren’t really the top choice for homeowners who want modern bathrooms. But, if you want something that’s elegantly and stylishly fashionable, hang one in your bathroom. Here, the designer used two layers of shower curtains to enhance the look of this pastel bathroom.

It’s time to decide

Which do you prefer for your bathroom? Tell us in the comments below! Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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