How to Overcome Stress, Fear, & Anxiety While Designing Your Home

This comprehensive guide introduces the five major steps that you need to begin your dream project and help you beat the fears that holds you back.
How to Overcome Stress, Fear, & Anxiety When Designing Your Home

The first steps in designing a home are demanding and challenging. It’s a crucial stage in making your vision a reality. If you’re a self-builder, how will you design your home? Where will you start? How do you get it right?

We’re here to help you answer these questions.

But first, we want you to ponder on something that you should know before you start planning your project.

The sad reality is that some people think about minor design decisions more than the major ones.

This we know to be true: People worry about regretting their chosen tile design. They feel anxious about the colour palette they selected. Some panic when they can’t afford the furniture pieces or the light fittings they want. They get stressed when the project took longer than planned.

Being preoccupied with other things, they pay less attention to the more important ones (e.g. layout, arrangement, size, shape, orientation etc.). These can be a far greater regret than anything else.

For years, we’ve helped countless people design homes that they desire to live in. We gave our clients beautiful homes that suit our their budget and lifestyle.

Our team in Superdraft wants to help you get this process right too. So, we created this blog to guide you on your home design journey. This is us, holding your hand and making sure that you’re on the right path to success.

But, let's clear out the things that might hold you back

A new home is a new beginning. It’s a fresh start for you. To design your home is an audacious and amazing thing to do.

Unfortunately, there are some problems that go in your way like:

  • You have a limited budget.
  • You’re a busy person and you’re not.
  • You don’t know much about design (except for what you have seen on TV or online).
  • You don’t have the skills to build or renovate alone.
  • You’re not confident about making design decisions.
  • You’re not sure how to get started because there’s a lot of things to think about.
  • You want to avoid all the fuss and the heavy work. (You're the type who wants to move in immediately)

If you experience one or a few of the situations above, designing your own home will be a daunting task to finish.

But, your fears and problems shouldn't stop you.

Here are a few things that we want you to remember:

You will always find ways to fund your dream project.

You are not empty-handed. You have a budget that you can manage. When you think about it, it's like how you handle your money in other aspects of your life.

The budget will not limit you when you spend wisely. Choose to buy the materials and acquire the services that will give the greatest value on your project. More importantly, document your finances. This enables you to monitor your resources and helps you chop the expenses when necessary.

You will find time because this project is important to you.

When you’re too busy to plan your home yourself, consider working with an architect or a designer. A typical design consultation only lasts for a few hours. Follow up meetings with your designer doesn’t have to belong too.

You will familiarise yourself with basic building skills during the process.

You may not know much now, but you will not come out of this experience with zero building skills. You’re a clever person. Believe that you can do the things that you thought you can’t do. Be resourceful and be open to learning new things. When you’re not sure, seek information online and ask for a piece of professional building advice.  

You have a choice.

As the homeowner, you have full control of the project. Embrace the fact that you always have the final say over things. You’re the one who chooses and decides on things. But if you can’t, you can trust your partner, friend, or relative to take charge.

You also have a choice to hand over all the work to the professionals like an architect or an interior designer. Of course, you still need to oversee the project because this is your home. Your designer can oversee the entire project for you, but he/she still needs input from you.

Designing your own home an expensive investment that you need to care about. When a person truly cares about owning a good home, he/she will make every choice with intention, purpose, and conscious thought.

Finally, it’s normal to feel impatient.

There are chances that you will feel frustrated, sad, unsatisfied, or mad too. But you know what? It’s okay to feel any negative emotion. This is inevitable in the process. The best thing to do is to let the people involved know. This way, you can change or fix anything that you dislike before it’s too late.

This is not an ordinary house. It’s your home. You will live here and you’re designing it. That’s why this process is so exciting! You play the most significant role in creating a home that you want to live in.

Couple looking at floorplan. How to Design Your Home

Your next course of action

We, in Superdraft, are doers. Our process pushes you to take action and execute the first steps towards the completion of your project. The earlier you start, the earlier you’ll get there.

So, start looking for inspirations now.

Grab something to write on and compile all the ingenious designs you can find. If you like it, pin it!  Allow your imagination to run wild. Also, take note of how reasons why you liked that photo or idea. This will help you remember, especially when you already have hundreds of photos and ideas to look at.

And please, try not to worry about how you’re going to pay it

Don’t constrain yourself with other factors like the available space and your budget (yet). When you restrict yourself as you conceptualize, you’ll end up with an unsatisfactory outcome. You can think of having more now, and later, you’ll find a way to trim this down to fit your budget. This strategy also helps you determine the needs from the wants. You can save a couple of dollars when you let go of the unnecessary things.

From here, anything is possible.

All your ideas, hopes, dreams, and aspirations are alive in this picture. You will uncover each one of them as you create your own home. This is going to be fun…


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