Efficient strategies on dividing a room without a wall

Presenting the best ways to divide a space.
dividing a room Make your open-plan living areas more enjoyable and interesting when you apply these design ideas.

A lot of homeowners that we've worked with want a home with open-plan interiors. Imagine the living room, dining area, and the kitchen together in one place — but separated in some way. It is nice to keep these areas connected because these are often the centre of group activities in the house but design-wise, you need to establish a way to separate these. You don't want to build a wall and lose the beauty and function of an open-plan space. Here, we present better ways of dividing a room to keep it spacious:

Use transparent partitions

It is practical to use an open bookshelf like this. It might be a solid partition, but it doesn't obstruct your view of the adjacent area. The light and air flow seamlessly — even if this tall shelf stands from the floor and up the ceiling and there are objects displayed on the shelf.

dividing a room

Want something cute and lower? Opt for cubbies or cube storage like this to put a temporary border on the floor. It's like a mid-wall with an open space above it.

dividing a room

Transparent glass french doors also do the trick, as you can see in this small, open-plan space apartment by interior designer and blogger @myleitmotiv. A divider like this clearly sets where the boundaries are.

Build two different levels

Have you ever heard of sunken areas or conversation pits? Here's a cozy example from Amber Flooring

dividing a room

The difference in the floor levels visually separate spaces without limiting the view. In the living room above, the depressed area is deep and requires two-step stairs to connect the two territories.

Build two different ceiling heights

When building a conversation pit is not a viable option, create a difference in ceiling height and material. Take a look at this open-plan space. The high ceilings make the living room spacious, unique, and comfortable. The ceiling in the kitchen is much lower, giving the impression of a new area.

dividing a room How the lockdown made us reassess what we want from our homes

dividing a room

Lay a rug on the living room

In need of a cost-effective way of dividing a room? Lay a rug on the floor and use it to separate the living room or dining area from the adjacent areas.

dividing a room

Install two flooring materials

For a more permanent design solution, consider installing two different flooring materials. Let the floors set the boundaries between spaces. Make sure that the floors you use are appropriate to the room's functions.

dividing a room

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