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Our draftsmen go well beyond the work of a traditional draftsman to provide more efficient and convenient services for you.
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In our previous blog, we discussed the process called drafting and how important it is for your new home or renovation project. By now, you already know that a draftsman or a draftsperson can help you with this. 

Here, we would like to help you understand the role of a draftsman better. It is equally important to know all the services they provide and when to choose a draftsman over an architect or a building designer.

The role of a draftsman

A draftsperson is responsible for preparing the plans for the building work plus other documentations needed to obtain council approval and building permits. These drawings enable builders to tender for construction of your project as well. 

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Drawings that a draftsman can provide

The drawings that a draftsman provides depends on the level of services you need. They can provide you with simple sketches or concept drawings that you need in the first stages of the project. Later on, they can provide you with the following planning documents:

  • Site plans – a scale drawing that shows the full extent of the property. 
  • Demolition plan – a drawing that illustrates the building to be demolished and how to tear down the structure.
  • Floor plan – a type of drawing that shows the layout of the home interiors from above.
  • Electrical plans – often called a wiring diagram because it shows the circuits and electrical systems of the proposed structure.
  • Reflected ceiling plans – a drawing that shows the items located on the ceiling.
  • Elevations – four sets of drawings that show the finished appearance of each side of the house. 
  • Sections – a vertical slice drawing that shows the internal features of the house.
  • Door and window schedule – a drawing that shows the different types and sizes of doors and windows needed in the project to ensure proper installation.
  • Shadow diagrams – these drawings demonstrate the shadow created by the house and its impact on the landscape and other structures beside the house.
  • Construction detail drawings (e.g. joinery, staircase) – a large-scale drawing of some parts of the house that shows how it should be constructed.

These types of technical architectural drawings used to be manually drawn by hand. Now, computer-aided design (CAD) software is used, which produces neater and more accurate drawings quickly.

Projects that a draftsman can undertake

A draftsman can do preliminary and final drawings for simple projects such as:

  • New home projects
  • Renovations
  • Home extensions
  • Granny flats
  • Single-storey duplexes

Hiring a draftsman is recommended for smaller and simpler jobs which cost under $10,000. 

How much it costs to hire a draftsman

The cost of hiring a draftsman varies depending on numerous factors:

  1. the project’s complexity
  2. the project’s location
  3. the draftsman’s level of expertise
  4. the amount of work needed to be done 
  5. how detailed the drawings are

A draftsman’s fees can range from $3,000 to $15,000. The national average is around $9,000 per project. 

A draftsman might charge per hour ($80 to $200) or per square metre of the project ($20 to $40). 

Lastly, the fees vary depending on your location. Here are the price ranges in each capital city:


Average cost of drafting, 

per square metre quote

















Here at Superdraft, we offer a fixed price to our customers who enquire about our drafting services. Our services include concept drawings and final working drawings, along with up to two rounds of revisions for free, (provided that the variation is within the project brief).

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Benefits of hiring a Superdraft draftsman

Hiring a draftsman in Australia is an overwhelming task because you have so many options. Finding the best one for your project might take you weeks!

Here at Superdraft, we want to make that process of choosing a draftsman easy, so you have more time to focus on more important tasks. We grant our customers access to our designer match technology, where they get matched with a dedicated draftsman from their local area. 

Rest assured that we have the nation’s best draftspeople in our network of home design professionals. Our draftspeople have years of experience and are extremely familiar with each state government’s laws and building regulations. We know how to navigate the council approval and building approval process. 

We also give our customers access to our construction cost calculator to ensure your project will not go over budget. Your chosen draftsman will help you use it. 

With our expert team of draftsmen, plus the technology that can help you plan your project more efficiently, Superdraft is your best choice when looking for drafting services. 

Get in touch with us today via phone (1300 936 740), sign up for our free project planning app to get started, or request a free quote.

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