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Stunning Grey Bathroom Design

A grey bathroom design can be elegant and stylish or fancy and cheerful. Grey is a neutral, universal, and everyday colour that goes with everything. This colour is popular for all types of interiors and is mostly used in modern industrial designs. You can combine it with dark or light colours to add character and depth to the whole design, or with any colour that fits visually.

In this article, we’ll take a look at this spotless grey bathroom design which is great for contemporary homes. It's suitable for homeowners who want a modern and timeless interior design. Read on if you want to imitate this design for your bathroom renovation project.

The bigger, better grey bathroom

grey bathroom facing the door

This bathroom is designed with large-format grunge grey tiles on the walls and floor. Large-format tiles are often used in small bathrooms and create the illusion of a larger space, as they have fewer grout lines than smaller ones. The tiling looks clean and uninterrupted. The large tiles make the room appear expansive, clean, smooth and visually appealing.

Using oversized tiles in a small bathroom is a simple trick to make the space look larger. It creates a sense of scale; the larger the tiles, the more space available. It also highlights the sleek black frame that houses the wide vanity mirror, clinical white countertop, under-mount sink and matte black sink faucet above a handleless wooden cabinet.

The ease of a walk-in shower

grey bathroom facing the shower

This grey bathroom design has limited space, so there is no bathtub, only a open shower or walk-in shower. A glass partition was installed, which has a light but elegant glass look than a full shower door or stall. Here, the view of the entire bathroom is double and unobstructed. This shows the coherence between the elements of this grey bathroom design.

A walk-in shower in this design is a convenient choice as it offers more accessibility, safety and easy cleaning. It’s also great for homeowners who prefer quick bathing. Also, it’s less expensive to build, cost-efficient, and water-efficient.

Design-wise, a walk-in shower is perfect for the elderly and people with mobility issues. It’s 100% accessible and can be used with ease.

If you want to make sure your bathroom is as accessible and functional as this one, you can consult with our building design experts. They can advise you on the materials appropriate to your needs and the design you’re going for. Just sign up on our platform and you'll get free access to our dashboard and project coordinators.

Diffused light for your grey bathroom

Proper lighting is essential in the bathroom. Your bathroom must appear bright and clean, even if the colour scheme is a little dark or has a grey interior. Here, the designers diffused the white ceiling lights in the shower area to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

The pendant lamp with a metal iron cage is an exciting design element. It is carefully placed right at the entrance and casts warm white light on the solid quartz countertop, supporting and enhancing the natural effect of the wooden cabinets. The hanging lamp gives the bathroom a little contrast with the mentioned white ceiling lights.

Love the hanging lamp? You can find and discover pendant lamps in our inspiration gallery here.

grey bathroom design facing the benchtop and lighted nordic lamp

Flat cabinet doors

In this grey bathroom design, the cabinet doors are flat-front. They are wooden, solid, have no bevels, no panels, no framing, yet perfectly simple for this minimalist grey bathroom. Below is an additional storage space in matt black paint which is also flat and unremarkable but gives a layer and emphasis to the wooden cabinets. Both are wall-mounted.

Although it is a different material, the wood used in this vanity base cabinet warms and softens grey in this design. It also gives the bathroom a sophisticated look as it brings variety and a different tone to the uniform use of grey. 

Less is more; simple is more

The vanity, storage, fixtures, and accessories are all simple. Thanks to the grey colour, the overall design of the bathroom is straightforward and not ornate. It's clean and clear, yet there's a warm tone underneath.

The combination of vanity, storage, fixtures, and accessories are all in its simplest form, highlighting the essence of the overall design, and emphasising functionality over aesthetics, without completely disregarding the latter.

When designing bathrooms, people tend to display a lot of accessories. Our advice: try not to overdo the decor but don't underdo it either. Keep everything in moderation… like this bathroom.

Let Superdraft help

This grey bathroom design is just one of the many reasons why you should call in a professional to renovate your bathroom. Superdraft can connect you with our top drafting and building design experts who can help you seamlessly renovate or construct your project. 

There are many considerations to achieve this design, and you don't want to skip the good part – the planning.

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