8 Easy Winter Decorating Ideas for Your Home

From rich textiles to warm lighting, these winter-inspired home decor will make you enjoy the chilly, snuggly weather.
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It is freezing outside and you feel like staying indoors. Incorporate these winter decorating ideas to bring some warmth into your home:

Warm white interiors

White interiors aren’t stark and cold all the time. If you’re repainting, consider using white paints that appear warm, antique, ivory, or greyish.

Blazing fireplace

Make your fireplace the centre of attention. Give yours a quick makeover to make it stand out. One thing you can do is lay a stylish wall cladding on the chase similar to what we did here: If you have a wood-burning fireplace, consider storing the firewood next to it. It will accentuate the fireplace.  Also, rearrange your furniture and face them towards the hearth. Do this when you like to have a spot for winter entertaining.

Cozy, soft furs

Faux fur is another go-to winter decoration. Sheepskin rugs and blankets are on top of our list. Lay them on the floor or toss them over your couch to make your lounge warmer and cozier. 

Tactile and comfy beddings

Bring out the softest beddings to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly. Layer the bedroom with different textures for added interest. Here, we used a cotton flannel bed sheet under a bunch of textured pillows. We placed a modern leather chair beside the bed and a fuzzy rug under it for a softer underfoot.

Lush indoor plants

Indoor plants are for all seasons. Give life to your minimalist interiors this winter with a dose of healthy, fresh, and green foliage. The trees and plants outside probably shed their leaves. A little greenery inside the house will make a huge difference. 

Combination of indoor and natural lighting

Days are shorter this season and you want to get much winter sun to warm up your home. Skip the curtains when the sun is too strong. Maximise natural light using a large mirror. Light bounces off its reflective surface and will brighten the entire room. Use interior windows and glass dividers instead of solid walls. These allow the windowless rooms to borrow daylight from the adjacent room. Daylighting must be complemented with warm downlighting. Layered lighting contributes to an ambient and dramatic room design.

Plush sofa

A velvet couch is a hip and trendy addition to your home. Its plush texture is perfect for winter — so luxurious and soft to touch. Here, we accentuated it with a printed linen throw pillow.

Superdraft tip: The use of velvet sofas are ephemeral. So, feel free to interchange the materials. Use linen to upholster the sofa and accentuate it with velvet throw pillows. This option is ageless.

Indoor dining

You don’t need to put slipcovers on your dining chairs or dress the table with candles to make it cozy. Timber dining furniture sets like these naturally warm up the room. Having wooden floors heightens the effect.

How did you find these winter decorating ideas? Which of these tips are you going to try first?

Would you like a home that feels warm and cozy all winter even without operating your heaters? How about a home that naturally stays cool in the summer? Talk to our designers about your project.

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