29 June 2017

9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

Rugs with strong patterns and vivid colours, when used properly in the design becomes is irresistible. We know how intimidating it is to work with these bold and attention-seeking pieces so we created this guide for you. 


Here’s how you can embrace rugs with strong, busy patterns and the vivid colours fearlessly at home:


Know what kind of rug you’re after and consider its effect on the entire interior design


Be on the lookout for items under our style umbrella. But what if something different caught your attention?


We don’t encourage impulse buying. Before purchasing the rug you admire or fell in love with on the internet or in a furniture store, ask yourself: Will this rug drag my style down? Will it give my home some excitement? How often do I see myself using this rug?


9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs


Keep the largest piece of furniture neutral


In the living room, keep the colour of the sofa in hues like pale grey, charcoal, beige, espresso or white. This will tame the playful design of the rug you’re using in the room.


You can always tie your rug with the colour of your sofa. Having a neutral-coloured one gives you more options in a design. You can change your rug quarterly if you like.


Get the accent colour from the rug


Make the rug your jump off point for decorating. Pull out any colour or design from the rug and repeat it on the other accessories. Do this to completely blend everything in your space.


9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

Pair it with stunning focal wall


Use supersaturated, faded rugs in rooms with a rich wall colour.


The beauty of this type of rugs stands out when everything around it has deeper, warmer colours.


9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

Go bold with black and white


Black and white rugs are great items to buy for your home because they easily go with anything. Instead of getting plain black, white, or grey rugs, choose pieces with busy designs. It’s the pattern, not the colour which gives excitement to your interiors.



9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

Stick to monochrome palette


Contrary to popular belief, monochrome interiors aren’t just black-grey-white. It means sticking to a colour and subtly using different hues and shades of it throughout the room.


9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs


Most people prefer cool colours like green or blue in a monochrome scheme. Bright colours like red are a little intense for it. However, you can try pastel versions of a lively colour just to tone down the intensity of the colour.


9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

Use a glass coffee or dining table

Glass tables won’t conceal the beauty of the rug. The transparency of the table will let you enjoy the rug’s colour and patterns.



9 Highly-Effective Designer Tips on using Bold Rugs

And finally, if you have pets, choose natural fibre rugs


Wool is the best material for a rug because stains wash off easily here compared to synthetic rugs.


You may also go for a richly coloured and patterned rug. It is also ideal for pets because the deep tones and busy patterns can also hide stains and spots.


Did you buy a bold rug? How are you planning to use it? Share it with us in the comment section! Engage an architect and designer from Brisbane.Liked this article? Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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