5 stylish elements of a Hamptons home interior design

Check out the laid-back beauty of a Hamptons home interior design. It’s timeless, elegant, and breezy. It’s everything you want in a coastal style home.
Hamptons style home exterior design

The Hamptons style is so fabulous and stylish, it took the hearts of Australian homeowners by storm. People love its open and fresh interiors which consist of white-washed linens, oceanic blues, painted timber, and natural textures. The best part? You don’t need millions or billions in the bank to recreate this stunning coastal style in your house. Simply take the best elements of the Hamptons style interiors and make them your own.

Here are the must-have elements of a Hamptons home:

Antique of industrial touches

Hang vintage or industrial style light fixtures above a modern room. These Polish industrial pendant lights above the kitchen island accentuate this kitchen. In this bathroom, the designer used antique-style chrome tapware which gives this bathroom some luxury. High-end elements are important in this kind of interior styling. These vintage dining set inside a white dining room is a reflection of Hamptons style done right. The metal chairs and the movable wooden table stand out from the all-white interiors.

Little use of colour

Consider using light and bright colour palette when you’re creating a Hamptons style room. Don’t use too much colour. Inject colour in the room using small accessories like light fixtures, pillowcases, and flowers.

Everything in this bedroom is white and that makes it ethereal. But, there are pale blue and green accents that heighten the white interiors.

Effortless style and elegance

The bedroom is the first room that homeowners want to luxuriate using gorgeous fabrics and decorations. Look at the grandeur of the four-poster bed in this room. It gives off an air of success, but also relaxed and comfortable.

The bedroom is also bright and breezy. The walls are white. There are no artwork or multicoloured rugs. Even the window treatments come in muted tones. The pale interiors show off the views outside your window.


Floral features and foliage and are important in Hamptons style rooms. Think of hydrangeas, orchids and other flowers with lovely hues. Plants and flowers make the interiors fresh without adding too much colour. 

Natural texture

Honeyed and warm tones of wood, jute, bamboo etc. complement the pale Hamptons room interiors. These dining room stools are the perfect example. These add texture and colour to the kitchen.


Not all homeowners can build a swimming pool in their property, but if you can, build one. Hamptons styled homes usually have indoor-outdoor spaces. It is nice to have a pool in your outdoor area.

So, do you like Hamptons home interiors?

You will adore this style when you want a home filled with daylight and interiors that are effortlessly beautiful.

Our Brisbane-based building designers are experts in creating these homes. Reach out to us and tell us about your project. READ: 5 Things That Make This Hamptons Style Kitchen a Stunner

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