Plan these 9 items thoroughly to achieve an ergonomic pantry

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We’ve heard about how dreamy Khloe Kardashian’s pantry is, and we’d like your food storage to look great and function well too.

Plan these 9 Items Thoroughly to Achieve an Ergonomic Pantry

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Let’s start with addressing the most common design blunders when building this space.

Truth is, some of these design dilemmas that we’re going to mention aren’t obvious on the blueprint. You realise them later when the pantry is almost complete!

If you know about the most common mistakes in designing a pantry, the better you can plan yours.

Here are some tips:

Plan the doorway so it doesn't get in the way

Ask yourself, “Which way should my door open?”

The rule is, swing your door towards the bigger space. If there’s plenty of space in the hallway, then the doors open outwards. A door that opens inward works too, but this makes the space more cramped. It also limits your storage space, as you can’t store a lot of items behind the door.

Plan these 9 Items Thoroughly to Achieve an Ergonomic Pantry

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You should also consider using a different kind of door. A sliding door is a space-efficient and stylish alternative to a single-hinged door. Concertina or bi-fold doors are great too!

Find the best location for the pantry

The pantry is a storage space so mind its proximity to the kitchen. It’s best when the two spaces are not disconnected. Most importantly, it shouldn’t block the flow of traffic in the kitchen.

Ask yourself, “Is the position of my pantry helping me do my chores in the kitchen?”

Plan these 9 Items Thoroughly to Achieve an Ergonomic Pantry

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You need to ensure that going in and out of the pantry is a breeze. It’s tiring to walk too far or climb up and down the stairs to get some ingredients. It’s convenient if you position your pantry near the food preparation area, so you can immediately put down all the items you need on top of the bench. At the same time, a nearby pantry allows you to stow away the groceries easily.

Plan these 9 Items Thoroughly to Achieve an Ergonomic Pantry

Source: Pinterest / Mylands in London

Install ample lighting

Keeping the pantry well-lit will keep you from rummaging too long for the items you need in the kitchen. Install enough and quality LED lights and place the switch near the door. If you’re living in a bungalow (single floor house), consider installing a skylight to illuminate your butler’s pantry. The latter option requires a bigger budget but it will keep your space bright throughout the day.

Plan these 9 Items Thoroughly to Achieve an Ergonomic Pantry

Source: Pinterest / Hometalk

Make sure all the shelves are accessible

A pantry with floor-to-ceiling storage is ideal unless you don’t have a safe way to access to top shelves. The ideal way is to have a ladder or a stool inside the pantry. Make sure that is stable so it doesn’t wobble when climb up to get items from the high shelves. Store all essentials and heavy items on the lower shelves. Put away the items you seldom (or never) use on the upper storage.

Build a mix of shallow and deep shelves

Shallow shelves are advantageous in a small pantry. It saves floor space. Plus, it allows you to see everything at once. It’s up to you to organise the contents of the shelf but we recommend that you store the small items in front and the larger ones at the back. 

It is also important to have deep shelves and deep drawers. You need these to store kitchen appliances and other non-perishable food items.

Install special cabinet features

It’s important to finalise the special and permanent features of your pantry during the planning stage so you can integrate it immediately in construction. This includes the wine racks, lazy susan, LeMans systems, pull-out baskets, and more.
Don’t forget the shelf breaks! We recommend that you break floor-to-ceiling shelving at bench-height so you can use it to store kitchen appliances, as well as a server inside the pantry.

Maximise your storage

The pantry isn’t just for groceries. Feel free to store your kitchen appliances, cookware, and utensils here, instead of your kitchen drawers and cabinets. Place them on the shelf breaks or in large shelf units.  

If you have a free wall, you can still use it as storage without overcrowding the pantry. Go and screw hooks so you can hang your aprons and other items. You can also transform a boring wall into a huge chalkboard where you can write important reminders.  

Going over budget

Your storage doesn’t have to be as expensive as your kitchen cabinetry. It’s hidden! The best you can do is use sturdy building materials for your shelves. We recommend plywood, a strong engineered wood with a sleek, modern look. You can also use other timber species and metal racks but those are more expensive.

We can help you avoid all these design blunders if you trust us to design and build this awesome food storage space at home. Get a free quote when you contact us today. 

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