Everything that makes this wooden bathroom design luxurious

Take a look at the interiors of this wooden bathroom and admire its comfy, warm, and relaxing design.
Wooden Bathroom Design

Some people will discourage you to use wood in your bathroom interiors. They say wood will only deteriorate due to the increased humidity. They say that you will only waste money. But, that's not always the case. Peek into this featured wooden bathroom design. Witness how the designers used wood to create this comfy, warm, and relaxing space. Here, the designers used wood laminates to enhance the look of this modern bathroom. Wood combined with the grey tiles created a marvellous and elegant vibe. The warm reddish tone of the wood laminates contrasts the coolness of the tiles. As you can see, they used the wood to separate the toilet from the shower and vanity. The designers laid it on the walls, floor, and ceiling. It accentuated the space.

Wooden laminates are the perfect substitute for real wood

In this bathroom, the designers used wooden laminates with a glossy finish. The smooth surface makes it super easy to clean. This material is also water resistant, perfect for wet areas. This will last for years, as long as you use the proper sealant.  With tight seams between the planks, water and moisture won't seep between the planks.

Another thing is that wooden laminates look 100% like wood. The material is a resin-impregnated photograph of wood with a wood chip base. It looks real and the look of every plank is consistent.

Other things that make this simple design awesome

Waterproof laminates don't exist, which is why the designers didn't use it in the shower. Instead, they used tiles in a neutral colour. The combination of those two materials makes this bathroom lovely.

The consistency of the material used to build this bathroom is commendable as well. The wooden elements are not identical but look close because all possess a reddish tone. Same goes with the tiles. Consistency is key to great design.

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